Ministry Agreement

The keys of the rough draft the rough draft of the first draft of law of reform of the collective negotiation sent by the Government to the social agents will allow the industralist to arrange with general character of 5% of the day of annual work to distribute it of irregular, safe way pact against with the representatives of the workers, This percentage is inferior to 15% that it had established like minimum Ceoe in his last proposal of the 2 of June, with that the negotiations between employer’s association and unions were settled. The Government solves therefore a part of the questions regarding the internal flexibility, that will be able to be agreed to in the collective agreements of company, without perjucio than he determines myself in the sectorial agreements. The Ministry of Work maintains in its proposal that before the lack in agreement to renew an expired agreement this one is prorogued (the call ultraactivity) and gives more protagonism to the agreement of company as well as to the joint commissions. According to the document of Work to which it has had access, " in dcto of pact, when the maximum term of negotiation without being reached an agreement had passed and the parts of the agreement would not have been put under the procedures to which talks about the previous paragraph (of mediation or arbitration) or these would not have solved the discrepancy, will stay the use of the agreement colectivo". These are the main keys of the rough draft sent by the Government to employer’s association and unions: The ultraactivity stays. The Government has decided to maintain the ultraactivity, something that wanted to limit Ceoe and the unions asked that followed to avoid that before the lack in agreement to renew an agreement this one would decay and would suppose a loss of rights for the workers.

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