Morocco Summit

In this sense the Vice-Chairperson commented that the relationship with the Alaouite Kingdom has intensified during the Spanish Presidency of the EU and has reminded the EU-Morocco Summit held in Granada on March 7 and that was asked to Morocco publicly in press conference, progress in human rights. This respect should be remember that Spain has been the main supporter of this Summit, which had as a backdrop the advanced status granted by Brussels to Morocco, even sometimes with noticeable damage to our own farmers, in order to bring stability to the region and this while Rabat still does not recognize the Spanish territorial integrity. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. Finally, the Vice President said that the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos was in permanent contact with the Moroccan authorities, what moves us to think that thanks to the remarkable effectiveness of Spanish diplomacy, exposed issues not going over, already that these calls for the integration of both cities in Morocco, constitute reckless acts that could procar tension and conflict of unforeseeable consequences, since this type of outputs sown anxiety among our compatriots across the Strait. Uneasiness for which there is only one antidote: closeness and protection of the State and the rest of the Spaniards. Paulo Coelho shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Moroccan policy as result of the policy that Morocco has been developed for years, anyone who pass today by Melilla, will find it difficult to know which side of the border is, since the city is cushioning to leaps and bounds because of the increase in population on the other side of the border, thus inducing a transformation of sociological structure of the city. But Morocco does not conform to achieve the metamorphosis of Melilla or Ceuta populations, but attempts to extend it to the rest of Spain, inviting Spanish media and journalists to travel to the country alawite, sponsored by several Moroccan institutions in order to meet the 21st century Morocco.

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