My Dignity Is First

The vote is apparently one of the few irrevocable rights that remain in the country, despite the propaganda of a better rule of law and the change in the political and legal system in the nation by the Federal Government, today, we realize that the systems, strategies and Government’s plans are a vile of the old regime copy, while they were led to believe that with the change of Government would come a change in the system, this unfortunately does not step, things remain equal or worse that earlier, long-awaited change was never seen, discontent grows day by day and the worst thing is that the international community if you notice notable defects within the Mexican system of Government. While the Government from the inside is unable to correct their mistakes or even make the attempt, they live with a band in the eyes, and try to put it to the people also. The vote does not mean give the win any individual to assume the Executive or legislative power of any region, it is something much deeper than that, means legitimacy to govern, While the Government does not realize that even you had the majority of votes, it will be unable to govern his people as it should, since if that majority of the votes does not represent the majority of the population, that certainly is not the same and anyone with half a brain can notice it, it will be impossible to represent the people in governmental and political strata which is what democracy was originally created. People have noticed this garrafal difference, you know that no matter the rulers have the majority of the population supporting them, the antics of politics and personal interests so easily achievable from a governmental bureaucratic post are interested only. The reality is that on rare occasion the representative knows what people need or prompts, or you know it becomes blind eye if it interferes with their personal interests; There is no point voting for a person who does not listen to the people, literally we are helping us to dig our own grave, giving power to those less indicated only because those are the ones available in the ballots, this is the same as if you say that we are voting for the least worst, which is a slap in the face to our dignity; the Mexican people is famous for not fighting for their rights since the times of the conquest and obviously the problem is in our blood, the intellectual and economic difference between the ruling classes and the marginalized people representing a majority emphasizes this fact and makes it possible for leaders to take advantage of the less graceful.

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