New Orleans

If you are the owner or publisher of a page Web in Europe, you use AdSense and you generate hundreds of dollars to the month in income, you are suffering. Why? Because you know that the more desire, the more you lose. You lose in the change, I mean. You every month lose hundreds of dollars (or thousands in some cases) with the terrible currency exchange. Hope was breathed when they left the problems with the European constitution and the dollar began to raise.

It happened from terrible a 1,34 to 1.18. Since then it has been turning around 1.23. Nevertheless the things have been put ugly again and the dollar returns to fall (It is related to the hurricane that devastated New Orleans) and with their fall the clicks and cpms are worth less and less for the European. We hope that the dollar someday replenishes its force and pruned to receive in real money. Seeing the positive point: There has never been better moment for the European for campaigning of Adwords (or to make a trip to the USA).

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