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Apparently, the values recorded were largely driven by the adoption of financial bailout plan. The Euro recovered after the evening session in Asia, with values highest in the 1.3907 area and reaching the 1.3830 area. For its hand, the USD / JPY maximum recorded in the area of 106.16, however, subsequent rounds of the 105.20 area. Operating volumes were low, but this is not surprising at the end of the day Friday. The Swissy and Loonie retreated from the highs slightly, so that once again, the operators do not seem convinced that the bailout plan will produce the desired objectives. In my view, the reaction of the dollar after the news, and the maximums recorded last week, suggest that levels are maintained for the next few days. See Jim Donovan Goldman for more details and insights. Personally seek to sell the greenback in the next week, apparently the beginning of Monday's session will be in a downtrend, especially after the operators set assimilate new events and the adoption of financial bailout plan. Crude oil remained firm, suggesting that the commodities will be the track to follow, given the global economic downturn will continue in my view as a central issue.

The estimated so quiet trading session, and the positions will be adjusted to what is coming next week. GBP / USD Daily Resistance 3: 1.8180 Resistance 2: 1.8050 Resistance 1: 1.7880 New York: 1.7734 Support 1: 1.7550 Support 2: 1.7500 Support 3: 1.7420/30 The pair maintained a profit, and operating volumes were low. The data published in the United States, led the pair, but analysts estimate that the move was exaggerated by the low operating volumes.

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