New York

Their formal and informal nickname is, not only in the U.S. states, but also in individual cities. Recently Amazon sought to clarify these questions. The most famous nickname, without doubt, belongs to New York. Even outside the country, this city is often called the "Big Apple". But Where did this apple? Because apple orchards in the city. Perhaps the endless gardens are in New York? Either. Staff this is no different especially agricultural land.

Guessing can be long, because the history of occurrence nickname quite amazing. This is a phrase coined the namesake of the famous sports writer, sports writer John Fitzgerald. In his article on New York races, he wrote that, according to the jockeys, horse racing this city "big apple" – because horses love apples. New York City is located in the state that bears the same name and is not just its largest city, but also unique, although not the only attraction. But really what New York City, firmly holding the palm – it's size. This huge area is the largest city in the U.S. and most cosmopolitan in the world. This city is sung in its the works of artists, musicians and filmmakers. Worldwide known famous Statue of Liberty and Empire-building Steyts Building, after the tragedy of September 11 has become the tallest building in the city. A kind of symbol of the city, along with skyscrapers and yellow cabs have become the apple and the words "I love New York" with a bright red heart, replacing the word "love." Bring your friends and colleagues with these glasses that have already become a classic print.

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