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The good news brought boxing heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev Russian fans. Nikolai Valuev won a convincing victory over Belarus boxer Sergei Lyakhovich, leaving the latter a chance. Valuev demonstrated a rapid high-boxing in the best traditions of Soviet amateur school. Not all experts were confident of victory Nikolay Valuev. The main fact, which causes doubts of experts – rather Valuev boxer slow, sluggish boat moving around the ring. Lyakhovich also won the respect of the audience after defeating Leymonom Brewster – athlete, long considered the best among American professional boxer. However, after a battle with Ljahovichem hardly any of the experts would be so underestimate Valuev. Valuev was able to prove that the doubts of experts in its superiority is groundless.

Valuev won all the rounds in a fight, and that reflected in the judge's notes: two referees put 120 -108, and an even 120 – 107 in favor of Valuev. Nikolai Valuev in the ring came well prepared. Russians immediately set full control over the fight and lost his until the end. In Liakhovich received nothing, neither evade attacks Valuev, no successful counter-attack. Now Nikolai Valuev has the right to a rematch with Ruslan Chagaev. Recall that last year gave Valuev Uzbek boxer on glasses with a rather large gap.

Valuev looked at the ring-date – it was evident from its fast shocks, greater than normal movement of the ring. The new coach of the Russian boxer Alexander Zimin, well prepared by the ward. Valuev trained in the best traditions of the Soviet school of boxing, which is practiced at that time the best section and boxing club. If Valuev can continue to progress at the same pace, then Ruslan Chagaev will have difficult in a rematch. At least to operate successfully on the counter, as he had in the first fight against Valuev, the Uzbek boxer did not happen. Valuev markedly accelerated and finally learned to keep opponents at a distance. If Valuev will also operate successfully and in a fight with Chagaev, the Russian giant then there are all chances to become the undisputed world champion in professional boxing.

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