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The emerging acknowledged, like the G8, the need to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. Although US President Barack Obama hailed a historic consensus, for the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, the results are insufficient. A related site: Amazon mentions similar findings. The G8 spoke signals stabilization of the world economy, but warned that there are still having considerable risks and that the rise in unemployment could put in trouble the social stability. At the Summit there were divergences on the way out of the crisis scenarios. Some countries, such as United States, requested that does not put an end hastily to stimulus plans, while Russia and Germany urged to look beyond the crisis. The leaders of the G8 and major emerging countries rejected all protectionism and pledged to close the Doha round of global trade liberalization in 2010.

Countries will meet at the level of Trade Ministers before the next G20 Summit, which will take place in September in Pittsburgh (United States). The G8 and other countries participating at the Summit pledged to unlock $ 20 billion over three years to fight hunger in the world, investing to develop agriculture in the countries of the South. Major contributors include United States, Japan, the European Union, France and the Netherlands. The G8 said determined to find a diplomatic solution with regard to the nuclear ambitions of Iran, and gave term the Islamic Republic until the end of September to respond to the offer of dialogue. The G8 is also said deeply concerned by the violence unleashed after the re-election of the ultra-conservative Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad, who according to his detractors was fraudulent.

The G8 strongly condemned the nuclear test and the firing of missiles carried out in recent months by North Korea well threaten the peace and stability in the region and beyond. Some say that the achievements announced so far seem sufficient as before Barack Obama considered past this first review serious conditions of leadership in major international forums. This opportunity was, moreover, particularly difficult, since it came at a time of great uncertainty about the future of the G-8 and enormous skepticism about the chances of success. However, host of quotation, Silvio Berlusconi, not hiding his disappointment at the end of the meeting. And made the following reflection after exposing the outcomes of the Summit. I think that the G14 is the future – said Berlusconi-. Because it is a more suitable platform for making important decisions that the G8, at least with regard to the world economy. All ended with a solemn ceremony to honor the victims who died last month of April in the terrible earthquake that lived in the region of lAquila. Three hundred people died in the earthquake and tens of thousands were left homeless. Many of them are still today living in tents.

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