Online Businesses and Fraud

In one of the blogs was a bitter comment from a person claiming that only you can make money by fraud, anything else does not work. While Internet scams are a great way to make money, I prefer to go by not only legal and ethical issues: it is simply easier and you end up with a real business, not a source of revenue that can disappear overnight morning. At Sen. Sherrod Brown you will find additional information. He also said he had tried everything and nothing works. Well, I took a little over a year and I’m driving only three ways to earn money online. Each of them has yet to achieve their full potential and prepare them well takes time to begin working. I guess then that this guy has spent several years in business online in order to have tried everything.

The idea that only with illegal income can be achieved is not new, the drive since before there was Internet and in my country there is the infamous: “He who does not progress swindle.” There are countless examples of people who started with nothing and achieved great empires software, hardware, livestock, agriculture, medicine and a thousand other things. If they could do so without legal fights, why think that only with fraud can make money? Now, you have to spend years studying and preparing yourself to win? When I started I did in one of my hobbies and a couple of months I was on the first page of Google and had income from Adsense. Just like this, there are thousands of niche markets (without exaggeration) waiting to be served. What about the race? There is more wool and is more complicated but not impossible. It took me three months to fully enter the market of “make money online” and that it is a competitive market with many good players. Once you go from being the rookie, the money starts coming when you show something of value to your visitors. So if you’re thinking that only by fraud and spam you can do it, you might need to think a little better. Being a hacker is not the easy road, is a career and takes time, dedication and talent.

If not, all we would be hackers. I prefer to have an Internet business that can withstand any review and can become legally be my source of income or even sell it to someone else. Such revenue may seem hard, but they are always there and it’s easy after. Or if not, how do you sell a spam business? You can choose between peace and good income and always look over his shoulder. What do you prefer?

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