Organizational Psychology

Organizacional Psychology in its ampler context, it places mannering emphasis in the individual characteristics, aspects. motivacionais and organizacionais of the work, having to propitiate adequate conditions so that the employees execute its activities, reach its goals and if they develop next to the organization. The focused individual characteristics in the applied mannering studies to Organizacional Psychology are mainly the following ones: 1 – Traces of behavior or defining traces of personality of preferences or temperaments, that influence performance in the work, style to work in group, perception of the reality and style to decide problems and to take decisions. 2 – Attitudes that determine reactions favorable or favorable in relation to the proper individual and the reality and that they influence the interests and the motivations, contributing to define the level of effort and performance of the individuals and the groups. 3 – Abilities, or aptitudes and abilities, that compose the system of forces that define the professional choices the level of performance of the individuals and the groups. Leadership, intelligence, mechanisms of learning and resolution of problems are examples of aptitudes that interest the mannering studies.

4 – Feelings and emotions. These areas of the organizacional behavior had gained great impulse in the end of century XX, when the idea of emotional intelligence was become popular. STYLE OF BEHAVIOR According to Maslow (1975), the motivacional behavior is explained by the necessities human beings. It cites that the motivation is the result of the stimulatons that act with force on the individuals, taking them it action. So that it has action or reaction is necessary that a stimulaton either implemented, either decurrent of thing external or proceeding from the proper organism. This theory in the ones of the idea of a cycle, the Motivacional Cycle. When the motivacional cycle is not become fullfilled, supervenes the frustration of the individual that will be able to assume some attitudes: Aggressive? Anxious for being successful, exactly to the cost of the other.

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