Palmares Blacks

The pursued greater and more was of the Quilombos de Palmares, in the Mountain range of the Belly, today Been of Alagoas. In day 20 of November of 1695 they had been died 20,000 blacks and they had decapitated I buzzed of the Palmares. Many black organizations were formed of religious confrarias, brotherhoods, places to keep the social unit. In the Bahia it existed the black cantos that in the oldest crossing of streets if had congregated to talk on the young times. The place of fetichism of Umbanda, Candombl and Xang had been forms to organize the black community. The Capoeira also had its space between the brave blacks who resisted the police persecution. It also had historical revolts of the blacks, the revolt of Mals was one of the greaters that the Bahia had for being of great ratio. Focus of fight that determined to the bahiano people the possibility to dream afrobrasileira republic.

In the years of 1878 the 1888 blacks always were if rebelling, until it had the recognition of the empire and decreed the Golden Law. Without the support of the black people that was enslaved, it did not receive indemnity and until today fight for the agrarian reform. In the mio of social communication, of this century the blacks had at the beginning had its periodicals with prominence the Bugle, established in 1924, the Princess of the North, the New Horizon, the Voice of the race and the Sponsorship. In 1930 the black front was created. Organization that influenced the center that converged the diverse black entities. With position politics of access to the power for the Brazilian black party, it could be a congress national of the black? The dictatorship of Vargas was a blow against the black movement, that it pursued immediately. To survive they had created the clubs of leisure of a middle class reduzssima, where it did not have space for the fight politics, therefore the access to the power was of a white and racist classroom.

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