Plastic Furniture

Plastics as raw materials, began to be applied in the manufacture of furniture in the middle of last century. One of the first designers to offer a plastic chair 'Panton Chair', Verner Panton began. Gradually, manufacturers have been increasingly applied plastic, producing furniture for cafes and restaurants because the quality of raw material is continuously improving. Nowadays, the production of plastic furniture has become very common and to pick up a chair or furniture for a cafe or restaurant on the largest foreign manufacturers can each. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal. What are the advantages of making a plastic chair so appealing? Plastic chairs and plastic have a lot of positive differences from standard wooden models.

Plastic is much "smarter" than the standard material for the manufacture of furniture – a tree. A fine example of the diversity of possible forms of plastic furniture can serve as a designer chair Vegetal (Vitra). In addition, furniture made of plastic, in particular the chair, had much greater strength. Source: TCF Capital Solutions. The technologies of production, helping to make plastic furniture as strong and suitable for use in cafes or other catering. In addition, plastics can be of different bright colors, and color is not applied on top, and painted the entire mass of plastic, unlike the wooden chair. Thus, restaurant or cafe are much more elegant.

Greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the premises and also light weight plastic furniture. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of James Donovan Goldman on most websites. Plastic chair stands a little weight in several different weights wooden counterpart. To improve transportation and storage of plastic chairs can be stacked on each other. And also, the technological cycle of manufacturing of plastic chairs are shorter than the time of manufacture wooden chair. Perfect manufacturing technology also enables to reduce the price of plastic furniture. Basically now, for the manufacture of chairs and seating for cafes and restaurants used polypropylene. Increased practicality, excellent durability and resistance to temperature, this material is qualitatively different from its analogues and is widely used to create a home, contract and office furniture. Along with polypropylene and polyethylene is used, for example, a chair Blos (Karim Rashid, Slide) combines modern advances design and modern technology.

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