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The country is threatened of suspension of payments if it does not reach an agreement. The friction between democrats and republicans is in the duration in the agreement. the greater risk for the country is the long term debt " , saegn Standard& Poor' s. The accusations between democrats and republicans broke out again this Wednesday with the closing of rows around their two parallel plans of reduction of deficit in a new chapter of the crisis of the debt of the USA that threatens to the country the suspension of payments. The Office of Budget of the Congress (CBO), organism in charge to analyze the costs of the laws, it issued individual information in which assured that cuts including as much by the republican plan as by the one of the democrats they were smaller of the announced thing publicly. Last night, the CBO located the reduction of cost raised by the plan that drives the republican president of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, in 850.000 million dollars, that is to say, 350,000 million less than the 1.2 trillions originally advanced.

Later, this tomorrow the organism of the Congress reduced also the volume of cut of the plan presented/displayed by the leader of the democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid, of 2.7 trillions to 2.2 trillions. However, no of the parts showed signs to yield to six days of which limit of the 2 of August is fulfilled the date, in that the Treasure of the USA has announced that the country would be forced to declare itself in suspension of payments, of not being approved an elevation immediate of the debt ceiling, at the moment located in 1 4.29 trillions of dollars. Boehner accused the democratic plan to contain " tricks ctistas" , whereas Reid said that the plan would arrive dead at the Senate, of democratic majority, since " none senador" of to his it would vote it party.

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