Rama Cay Spanish

The increased immigration of Spanish-speaking and Spanish "forced schools and other cultural institutions left the bitter native reduced to their level, but have gradually resigned to be a part of the Hispanic community of Central America over speaker a community that English speaking Caribbean. The continuing bilingualism among native has been what has led not only by the need to know Spanish to be successful in advancing professional education but also by the existence of a considerable colony of natives in Managua, the capital Hispanic speaker. Bluefields Creole remains the unofficial capital, but the proportion of Hispanic speakers increased by refugees fleeing violence in the west during the 1979 revolution that ended the Somoza dictatorship and brought the Sandinistas to power. There are other Creole communities with between one and two thousand inhabitants each, in the Pearl Lagoon and Corn Island, as well as many other mosquito-speaking communities in Prinzapolka and Puerto Cabezas, native speakers also include the Garifuna or Black Carib Orinoco Pearl Lagoon and Rama in Rama Cay in Bluefields Lagoon. The English Creole of the Mosquito Coast loanwords include the mosquito, especially terms for flora and fauna, even more than Spanish, particularly words connected with the government, education and modern life in general is the incessant bilingualism also beginning to affect the syntax, in which buildings can be borrowed Spanish word by word. Example of English Creole Mosquito Coast it Wen i pik op i naw we is not kin to of, i tel me wen i lay iyvnin i kom da naw sey 'mama', i sey 'a neva did TAYAD an kom' a Saaya 'lay dam yu, yu ay siy? Yu my dingkin; das wai yu Sun and not my Wahn.

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