Reviving the Criticism of Classical Thought

It is an option that revived the criticism of classical thought, the emphasis is still possess, is contained in the analysis of several authors medieval, modern and, finally, to present the contemporary serve them, for he had a concept of justice, each his way. However, it is mainly his teachings about universal justice, as part of an initial framework for our research: beyond the terms of the Democratic Justice, from a classification of philosophical affiliations after these great sages of old. However, have lived in societies with limited technology resources, lack the mass media and other modern achievements I have mentioned the main problems of human nature, including the most prominent of Justice.

Done this historic discovery, a conclusion is necessary, if Plato describes how well the philosophical idealism in the Republic and, above all, an ideal justice, while, by Aristotle in politics operates a new methodology based on concepts derived from the alleged logical sense of the practice and to link it in theory (ethics Nicomancos), Rome, Cicero continues compiler sublime how are you two philosophical currents (also influenced by them, while preserving its originality by empiricism in the treatment of the courts) do not exempt at times, historical notes on justice and thereby contribute to improving the participation of all conditions in that city. Therefore, we believe that Cicero is a label of Justice, but is close to the essence of justice must be understood as a wealth of positive ideas and concepts in order to function properly in society because, in addition to worrying about Roman state, wrote about the correct way of aging on the friendship, have explored issues of morality and metaphysics Roman society. .

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