Rizzini Sister City

Both demonstrate that the vision of the governments of the state of So Paulo and the Federal District of the time, Rio De Janeiro, was coincident in relation the criminalizao of the child and the adolescent. Landmark Antonio Cabral Dos Santos analyzes, in its work ' ' Child and Crime at the beginning of the Sculo' ' , the problems of lack of urban planning and industrialization in the city of So Paulo of the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX. As the population increase without precedents created the imbalance of housings in a city that was not prepared to receive as many people, since former-slaves the European and Japanese immigrants. For even more details, read what Amazon says on the issue. The problems happened with the capitalism and the lack of conditions of hygiene in the city and the habitations, generally collective. However, the author standes out in its text, the problem of the use of the infantile man power in the plants and the industrial accidents involving lesser. However, he will be used, in the present work, the episode on the criminalizao of the poor child in the city of So Paulo and the creation of justinian codes to discipline come back toward ' ' recovery of menor' '. Already Adriana de Resende Barreto Vianna, in ' ' The evil that if guesses: policy and minority in Rio De Janeiro, 1910-1920' ' , it directly focuses the problem of the criminalizao of the poor child, however, having as research space, the city of Rio De Janeiro. In its work, Adriana approaches, in practical daily, the incident ones on certain individuals, through which the policy of the old Federal District produced a personage, the minor, as a social problem. The analysis of Rizzini Sister in its work ' ' The sprouting of the institutions specialized in the internment of minors delinqentes' ' , it will be important to show the critical ones to the justinian codes to discipline and agricultural patronages. The third chapter will be an analysis of the displayed subject.

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