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October 25, 2010 there was information that the Russian government plans to close the accounts of users who pretend to be officials of the Russian state, placed on some websites, including those on anonymous service issues Also, there was information that Russian officials will be obliged to register for for direct communication with voters. Due to the fact that this information is widely used in blogs and online media, the administration finds it necessary to express its official point of view. The text of the news published on the portal () There was an unofficial information that the leadership of the Russian Federation plans to close the fraudulent accounts of the president and cabinet members, which are placed on certain Internet services. So on the microblogging service Twitter has long writes Perzident Roissi ( / kermlinrussia) and Vladisval Srukov ( / srukov), and the service anonymous questions communicate Vladimir Mutin ( / mutin) and King Bear ( / kremlinrussia). Own fake pages are very popular and attract less attention than the activities of politicians.

The official twitter account of the President ( / kremlinrussia) has about 100 thousand followers, and account Perzidenta Roissi ( / kermlinrussia) yields only slightly – about 40,000 subscribers. On the closure of fake accounts decided to go less rigid and to offer audiences an alternative option. So officials rank governors and mayors will be required to register for the service of anonymous questions to create a virtual community to foster direct communication with voters.

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