Shopping In Milan

Milan – one of the world’s fashion capitals, but not only – it is also true world capital of fashion shopping. Favorable prices and make purchases in addition to explore the many attractions attract numerous shopping tourists. In planning of shopping need to take into account specific features of national Italian organization of work: siesta for them – is sacred, and even though the Milan – not such a hot city, from 13.00 to 16.00 chance of finding an open shop a bit. Another feature – but not Italian, and pan-European – shops close by Russian standards, too early (in 19 -20 hours) and do not work on Sundays. It is also not recommended to go to Milan in August – the city as if dying, and the shops are closed for a period of two weeks.

Main street, with the best boutiques, is Via Montenapoleone (sometimes shortened to “Monte Napo”). It is here There is a large store brand Armani, which itself can be called attraction. Once in the boutique Gucci, you may find that this brand uses a lot of love among Asian tourists, and visiting the boutique Dior, learn how true his reputation as a place with the most courteous staff. Another shop worth a visit, is a boutique Viktor & Rolf, in which everything is upside down – the floor looks like the ceiling and the ceiling as the floor. Its own world, created a boutique Dolce & Gabbana.

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