On the eve of a solemn ceremony in Singapore, the newly opened cable car linking the resort island of Sentosa to Mount Faber. The renovation and modernization of the cable car took about a year and spent about 27 million U.S. dollars. New booths gleaming chrome accents and black lacquer. Tourists are not without pleasure, will celebrate their retractable tables, and the total number of seats in the cabin increased from 6 to 8. Further details can be found at Hawaii Senator, an internet resource.

Suspended ropes it was decided to lift up to 30 meters. Fare on the cable car in one direction will have to pay about $ 18 (child $ 10), in both directions – $ 20 ($ 11 for children). The fare includes visits to the island of Sentosa. Well, for presentable travelers produced the world's first class cabin vip. The real miracle of luxury and refinement.

Inside and outside the cabin is decorated with crystals . Also inside are four passengers leather seats, outdoor lighting, dock your iPod and under the stands for drinks. Pleasure to get to the VIP-cabin would cost roughly $ 670 for four. This price includes visit to the island and a bottle of champagne. Cableway operates every day from half past eight in the morning until ten at night.

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