Smithsonian Institution

Now the color of the U.S. capital will register in the kitchen of your relatives. Virtually all museums in the U.S. exhibits can be touched by hands. The exception is not the capital of the country, except that here have gone just a little further. You will not believe it, but any tourist can easily get on a tour of the White House! After not very long (but very thorough) examination of the documents you with a guide, spend Half an hour into the inner sanctum Dee-Sea. And in addition to historic buildings and monuments, the city has many museums, and in most of their free entrance! Is not it – very nice, although a surprising news? Be sure to visit National Air and Space Museum, National Art Museum and the Smithsonian Institution museum complex, which includes even a zoo.

And when the head begins to literally go round the abundance of experience, move into a museum shop to pick up a gift to a friend there. Unable to disengage from what he saw in the research institutes of the complex, choose a gift thermometer. But it is not simple, familiar, and glass, liquid, whose principle is developed further Galileo. This device not only show your best friend, the temperature in the apartment (she is determined to pop in a glass enclosure bright "displacer"), but and decorate the interior of his home. And then, imagine just how intelligence can shine a friend, describing the working principle devaysa girls! Anyone who decides that Washington Di-C can only walk around and admire the buildings, is mistaken. More precisely, is wrong only in regard to buildings.

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