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With the crisis, are increasingly users seeking alternatives to fixed personal consumption, home or work. Although many prefer flat rates, there is an option increasingly gaining more adherents, especially for calls abroad: prepaid SIM cards. In this article you commented on its main features and advantages. With the advent of flat rates in the world of telephony everything seemed to indicate that pre-paid SIM cards were going to disappear. However, in recent times this modality has gained new vigor since they represent a form of saving, especially for people who do not use the phone much or for those who need to travel continuously. The advantages of SIM cards prepagoCuando refers to all SIM cards prepaid, the first benefit that jumps immediately to the eye is the savings that represent. As this mode does not set a fixed fee that must be paid every month and has no maintenance costs, we will be paying only for calls and the minutes that we have really consumed. This option is particularly advantageous for those who do not usually use the phone frequently or for people travelling continuously and they should not be tethered to a phone contract.

On the other hand, prepaid SIM cards do not imply a commitment to the telephone company. This means that you can change when you choose and without having that annoying fee of permanence. However, one of the most interesting aspects of these cards are probably the amount of offers coming out continuously to the market. For example, you can find promotions that offer unlimited minutes at night or on weekends, discounts of up to 50% on all SMS you send or even there are some companies that offer an extra balance when you perform the first recharge. The best option to call the extranjeroLas prepaid SIM cards are an excellent alternative for people who must contact their families abroad. In this way you can maintain the balance of your card under control and will have no unpleasant surprises in the the phone bill. On the other hand, every day emerge new offerings that cheaper to unspeakable costs of international calls with SIM cards prepaid by what the myth that these are much more expensive than the traditional line has fallen under its own weight. To pick a provider of SIM cards, we recommend buying your card to a leader, since many times the call quality is not good and you lose the talk time trying to understand what the other person says. In addition, we recommend that your provider allows you to perform refills online and multilingual customer you provide customer service if you have any difficulty.

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