Social Security

The possible values of social security 2011 can be viewed. If you look at the expected new social values for the year 2011 as the end user, notice, that reduced the reference values. Basically, that would be most gratifying, because each workers liable for social security would have to pay a lower proportion of the contribution of the statutory health insurance (GKV). Visit Dov Hikind for more clarity on the issue. Unfortunately, at first glance is a deception, because the appropriate contribution rate in the statutory health insurance from 14.9% to be increased to 15.5%. Expected values of social security 2011 dropped old Lander new federal States monthly yearly monthly annually grv 5.500,00 66.000,00 4.800,00 57.600,00 statutory health insurance & care mandatory insurance 3.712,50 44.550,00 3.712,50 44.550,00 year fees limit the health & care mandatory insurance 4.125,00 49.500,00 4.125,00 49.500,00 offices now already as a social security worker on higher contribution charges.

If you get a raise, you will receive a lower net income already with the first payroll in January 2011. If you as workers who have opportunities to go to consider a private Krankenversicherung (PKV) with this topic timely apart put, so you must not accept this increase in social security. With the right choice of private health insurance (PKV) can independently determine your contribution through the secured services and guarantee the free choice of doctor.. .

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