Sociologists wonder and teach us, saying, "why do not you such reasonable? Native language – is the one you are talking to children, not the one who uttered your ancestors. " But we, Ruthenians (Ukrainians modern Slavic origin), could not accept this "truth" because it's pointless really, although temporary, usurious. No matter where born Slav, the native land he would have one. And a mother – one, and children – are alone and language – one. But something happens to us when we are asked about their native faith. Most Slavs thoroughly pondered before you answer this question.

Why? Yes, actually, because even on a subconscious level we do not perceive hristosianstvo (Christianity) the native faith. Somewhere at the genetic level, entrenched memories of what a lot of blood allegedly hristosianstvo in Russia, Ukraine, and then throughout the eastern Slavyanschine. "If someone fails to appear tomorrow on the river – rich or poor, or elder, or a filthy peasant, – the me that the enemy will be." Prince of Kiev Volodymyr Svyatoslavovych Chronicle Ruska, 6496 (988) was therefore to answer and put an end to the issue of Native Faith, defined with the fact that, strictly, is a native. The adjective "native" is associated with the noun "race". Rod also called a vital and spiritually akin to a community of people. And, therefore, the native land – a land with which you related by blood, and spiritually. His own mother – it is the mother who gave birth and swaddled (blood and spirit).

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