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Probably the government will take any measures to stabilize inflation. On the money supply will be targeted to influence, likely, adjusting rate securities, taking into account inflationary factors. Quite often in the way of recovery after a crisis has to run across a double-edged sword. So in our case. To restore pace of development, growth, investment processes the economy needs money.

Reducing the rate of cb, you can open such a possibility, depreciating economy credits will breathe air. But the associated increase in money supply lead to inflation. Inflation will not encourage people to accumulate, in contrast, will make you spend. Many experts believe a policy of gradually reducing the rate securities with a focus on inflation as the indicator, correct. In this case, the real sector itself will evaluate its need for money and make it possible to adequately without fanaticism.

How to be producers in post-crisis period? Changing working methods, the appearance of new technologies, training – these are most often sounding recipes, helpful syndrome crisis. Time to change the brand eaten in Russia "brand" Made in Russia "," not to hesitate and stop, because no one will to jump a chasm in two leaps "(Boris Gryzlov, Chairman of the State Duma, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party, Expert 40 19-25 October 2009). It must be noted that during the crisis was formed so called "investment pit, nobody invested money, then we have a potential catalyst for economic recovery and subsequent growth. So say the optimists.

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