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The accusation against governor Teotonio Vilela Son for the practical one of abuse of being able politician and economic Robert Ramalho is lawyer, journalist, public relations and blogueiro of the vestibules and Teotnio Vilela and nine governors can be annulled by abuse of being able economic and politician. Abuse of the Economic Power can be defined when the individual or collective takes off advantage illicit of the money or determined corporeal property in detriment of they outrem that, theoretically, it would also have this right and that duly was not exerted; The abuse of the power politician, Olivar Coneglian (electoral Propaganda: in accordance with the electoral code and with the Law n 9.504/97. 3. ed. Curitiba: Juru, 1998. P. 129-130), occurs in the situations where the detainer of the power, …

valley of its position to act in order to influence the voter, in detriment of the vote freedom. Act of authority is characterized of this form, as exerted in detriment of the vote. We clearly have an example of abuse of to be able politician when, in the eve of the elections, the mayor candidate to the re-election commands that fiscal municipal theatres make sweepings in companies of adversaries politicians and they do not make it in relation the companies of friends and friends of party. Three elect governors in 2006 had been annulled by Electoral Justice. They are: Cssio Wedge Rasp (PSDB), of the Paraba, Jackson Lake (PDT), of the Maranho, already deceased, and Marcelo Miranda (PMDB), of the Tocantins. But decisions of the TSE that had moved away the three from the positions alone had left in 2009, in the penultimate year of mandate. Governor Teotonio Vilela is accused by having done the biggest motorcade of the history of Alagoas, having distributed combustible in great amounts for its voters and sympathetical. Already he is in the hour of this Sir, as well as other governors who are answering to this type of process, to have its mandate annulled for the Judiciary Power.

Thus it would only learn to respect the next one, as well as the public office that is massacreed for this citizen who grants a divided readjustment of 5,91% in two equal parcels, being the first one in May and second in November, while for the Secretaries of State and undersecretaries it gave an increase of 135% and 35% of a time respectively alone. In the same way it acts with the professors when he says that he is paying the floor of the category when he was the Supreme Federal Court who defined as constitutional and obligator. Still well that we live under the optics of the Democratic State of Right that in grants the right to them of if expressing freely, with respect, ethics and hombridade, as assured for the Federal Constitution of the Republic, in the referring chapter the liberty of speech, exempts information and opinion.

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