Socialism Finished Dealing with Injustice

Francoise Mitterrand, twice President of France, said in his codicil that Socialism Political finished dealing with equity and justice … just misery and poverty!, After the Berlin Wall fell and allowed us to distinguish the weak socialist economy, which blew all that beautiful preaching of the fair and equitable distribution of wealth … a real shame, Democracy is superior to the dictatorship, the Autocracy? … Of course!, But currently live in an unadulterated democracy, which has lost its original principles of decency, honesty and fidelity, so it has become fashionable concepts that were hidden in the dictionary as Olocracy, Nutcracker, turncoat politicians, the pages of newspapers to be completed by jet set news with their moral misery and the politicians eat chickens, kill dogs, employees. The Circus and Shame have become everyday! … are the same mud puddle. The decay of democracy is the political expression of an outdated economic model by abusive, exploitative, inhuman, so it is difficult or even impossible it is intended to humanize Neoliberalism. politics has become a business, a business in which its members seek to benefit particular social benefit, where society allows politicians to make promises they never meet and there are no mechanisms to criminally prosecute this crime.

General Mac Arthur … General? … If General USA! He said … “The old wrinkle the skin, but the betrayal of the ideals wrinkles the soul, and history reminds Sinuhe (1200 BC) that turncoat who betrayed the Pharaoh and joined the opposition to topple him, the Society must find … mechanisms for airing the policy cupboard!, must find a pesticide that will free us from rodents, should be penalized by law summary to those who lie, promise and not fulfill, betraying their promises, those who switch parties for commercial reasons , who use their office doing business.

We require the politicians to achieve decent work and youth … Where is it?, JP II Santo Subito!, repeated that against this unjust and inhuman system is needed is a new system that combines value products, because the Society does not find mechanisms to humanize, to inject decency to the system, therefore the executive, legislative, are restricted by their politicians, politicians and a few politicians. These politicians should remember to Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, the same who said “Passe Scire est” (Knowledge is Power), English and then a deputy foreign minister acknowledged that allegations of bribery, accepted his failure and resigned from their posts and even more was imprisoned in the Tower of London … but the Court before his show repentance gave Liberty … on the condition to withdraw from active politics, that does not spread to other lawmakers … accepted! And he devoted himself to philosophy and is the creator of empiricism and the inductive method … humanity remembers him as English philosopher and thinker … How many philosophers would win Peru if our politicians and politicians to truly repent and follow his example?, Should read the Social Contract! Jacques Rousseau saying that the interests of people are above the sum of the political interests of the parties … the day that the dunces are zombies, but there is no z in the alphabet and the political class of course!

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