Quantum Physics

And from this paragraph is where we enter fully into the concept developed in this article about the combination of the action with perseverance. In the first instance it is easy to understand what is said, but if we look deeper you will see that the concept is more complicated. When one says perseverance is to understand that continuous action on a specific event, but that action, perhaps to most people means trying something out repeatedly when not three or four times and then to not get discouraged. However, the concept is different, I call it PERSEVERANCE stubborn. Because I say this?: As it happened to me in the past and if you look at yourselves, we also must have occurred.

In cases that have a conscientious perseverance, constant and inflexible even when everyone in your environment might say that they could not achieve, at the time they succeeded, because what they wanted in that circumstance was so loved and desired that they do not care anymore and went to the front and good stubborn. Day after day with that persevered after the desired goal, the others give up on the third day you followed for three weeks depending on the circumstances or three months or three years depending on the importance of achieving the desired end. Look back and remember those times we all had at some point whether we were looking for something material or emotional, for us or others. Look at his past and surely will find some of these examples. When will identify and remember that if they repeat the same constant: The combination of action with obstinate Perseverance may repeat that success, consciously in most of the proposed objectives in life.

So I always tell my children and myself: the word can not does not exist. There is only THE FORCE WILL sustained by perseverance.

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