United Nations Crisis

The globalisation of the information and the communication are an irrefutable fact. It has allowed us to know experiences of tada nature in other scopes. To share them, to discuss them still more and, we have ourselves bold to raise solutions of problematic that we understand common. So it is the particular aspect of the multi-factor violence that is experienced in the daily traffic. The transit system to carry of our medium countries of and low income has a similar behavior, and the difficulties and indicators for the implementation of effective programs also are comparable, that is to say: – Rate of social motorization referring to motorcycles, in growth. – Rate of mortality by each 100.000 inhabitants, in increase. – Marked definition of the vulnerable users. For more information see this site: Amazon.

– Absence of a plan of integral road security. – Deficiency of forecast in the safe road infrastructure investments. – Lifted expenses in health as a result of the road tragedies, – relative Indifference of the citizenship and the official and deprived organs before other people’s pain motivated by the cotidianidad the tragedies. – Deficiency in the quality and amount of the information. – Absence of official stimuli of plans of integration and international cohesion, – Ignorance of the bond of the road security with the subjects of present crises and of sustainable development, among others. To control all these elements entails much effort and sacrifice, besides many years. Nevertheless, some nations already lead themselves to apply policies of State to swear in what the United Nations Crisis of the Road Security calls .

Others call to him Quiet Tsunami. In which we do not have doubts, it is that Pandemic is one , since it has been typified by the World-wide Organization of the Health. However, what has lacked so that as so east problem treats from the high instances of the social power, economic and political? humble to understand, the lack of political will. From this last one, one begins the process of integral solution and social awareness battle to this evil that it affects to thousands of Dominican families.

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