On the eve of a solemn ceremony in Singapore, the newly opened cable car linking the resort island of Sentosa to Mount Faber. The renovation and modernization of the cable car took about a year and spent about 27 million U.S. dollars. New booths gleaming chrome accents and black lacquer. Tourists are not without pleasure, will celebrate their retractable tables, and the total number of seats in the cabin increased from 6 to 8. Further details can be found at Hawaii Senator, an internet resource.

Suspended ropes it was decided to lift up to 30 meters. Fare on the cable car in one direction will have to pay about $ 18 (child $ 10), in both directions – $ 20 ($ 11 for children). The fare includes visits to the island of Sentosa. Well, for presentable travelers produced the world's first class cabin vip. The real miracle of luxury and refinement.

Inside and outside the cabin is decorated with crystals . Also inside are four passengers leather seats, outdoor lighting, dock your iPod and under the stands for drinks. Pleasure to get to the VIP-cabin would cost roughly $ 670 for four. This price includes visit to the island and a bottle of champagne. Cableway operates every day from half past eight in the morning until ten at night.

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Barcelona Holidays

Sun, sea and relaxing on the beach Barceloneta One of the largest beaches in Barcelona is located in the area of Barceloneta. Its total length is about 1.100 meters. Among other things, this beach is one of the longest existing all over city. The beach is located near the metro station Barceloneta (L4) and stop a number of bus lines. In this regard, the majority of people come here, mostly by public transport. Especially popular beach of Barceloneta enjoys among foreign tourists.

Because of its considerable size on this beach were many opportunities for recreation, eg three volleyball courts and a playground for tick-taka to the hospital Hospital del Mar. By proximity so-called gas mole in the western part of the beach, located playground, table tennis and fitness. It is also worth mentioning the so-called beach center located in the space below arcades near Hospital Hospital del Mar. In the center you can find many useful information on outdoor activities almost all year, primarily from June to September. Barceloneta Beach is one of those places to offer their services to beach Library , which gives the opportunity to spend time on the beach while reading and resting. Barcelona Zoo Barcelona Zoo is located in the Ciutadella Park (Parque de la Ciudadela). He has more than 100 years. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Senator Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. It is home to a total of 7.500 instances of animals over 400 different species. 1966 and 2003 the zoo was a real star, the only known in the world albino gorilla named Snowflake (Copito de Nieve).

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Smithsonian Institution

Now the color of the U.S. capital will register in the kitchen of your relatives. Virtually all museums in the U.S. exhibits can be touched by hands. The exception is not the capital of the country, except that here have gone just a little further. You will not believe it, but any tourist can easily get on a tour of the White House! After not very long (but very thorough) examination of the documents you with a guide, spend Half an hour into the inner sanctum Dee-Sea. And in addition to historic buildings and monuments, the city has many museums, and in most of their free entrance! Is not it – very nice, although a surprising news? Be sure to visit National Air and Space Museum, National Art Museum and the Smithsonian Institution museum complex, which includes even a zoo.

And when the head begins to literally go round the abundance of experience, move into a museum shop to pick up a gift to a friend there. Unable to disengage from what he saw in the research institutes of the complex, choose a gift thermometer. But it is not simple, familiar, and glass, liquid, whose principle is developed further Galileo. This device not only show your best friend, the temperature in the apartment (she is determined to pop in a glass enclosure bright "displacer"), but and decorate the interior of his home. And then, imagine just how intelligence can shine a friend, describing the working principle devaysa girls! Anyone who decides that Washington Di-C can only walk around and admire the buildings, is mistaken. More precisely, is wrong only in regard to buildings.

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New York

Their formal and informal nickname is, not only in the U.S. states, but also in individual cities. Recently Amazon sought to clarify these questions. The most famous nickname, without doubt, belongs to New York. Even outside the country, this city is often called the "Big Apple". But Where did this apple? Because apple orchards in the city. Perhaps the endless gardens are in New York? Either. Staff this is no different especially agricultural land.

Guessing can be long, because the history of occurrence nickname quite amazing. This is a phrase coined the namesake of the famous sports writer, sports writer John Fitzgerald. In his article on New York races, he wrote that, according to the jockeys, horse racing this city "big apple" – because horses love apples. New York City is located in the state that bears the same name and is not just its largest city, but also unique, although not the only attraction. But really what New York City, firmly holding the palm – it's size. This huge area is the largest city in the U.S. and most cosmopolitan in the world. This city is sung in its the works of artists, musicians and filmmakers. Worldwide known famous Statue of Liberty and Empire-building Steyts Building, after the tragedy of September 11 has become the tallest building in the city. A kind of symbol of the city, along with skyscrapers and yellow cabs have become the apple and the words "I love New York" with a bright red heart, replacing the word "love." Bring your friends and colleagues with these glasses that have already become a classic print.

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– I drove from to Osh, a couple of bags of drugs, would be enough to buy a house, a garden and never shake on the highway – shares his thoughts driver truck. He has kindly agreed to take me in Murghab. The car roared overcomes the dangerous highway – Osh. – High risk – I withdraw. – And do not venture? But then he would know what for. Drug couriers know what the risk. After checking our documents in the post -Tal, the guards were invited to the trailer, were treated to hot tea in tin cups. We chatted.

On account of the post of many detainees narkoperevozchikov. Accompanying the major parties Smugglers usually drive up before the machine with heroin, and traded with those who are on duty. Young officer, with whom drug traffickers were unsuccessful talk about skipping the party opium and threw it on the table picture little daughter. "Do not miss – a living can not see " He never missed, but his place of service had to change for missing a large batch of drug couriers offer of $ 20000 to $ 50000 dollars. "And nothing else to do, just for a second turn your head to the side, "- laughing guards. They are convinced that large quantities of drugs receives an order and their passing is controlled.

One day, tell the post, the traffickers have taken about 300 kilograms of opium, for According to detainees, the cargo destined for Amsterdam – where he waited two days. Apparently, the consignment of drugs was paid in advance, delay the party was bound to cause the second attempt. And just a month later was arrested truck, which was opium. Drugs were the same weight in the same package. – So, all the way from Moscow to Amsterdam drugs provide cover – with bitterness said Major P., hinting at corruption in the higher levels of government, including law enforcement agencies. – Who covers the drug runners? – The question is better ask in Moscow.

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Immigration population, entry of a permanent or temporary residence of citizens of other countries. I. Mr. determined by a number of reasons: economic (Import labor or entry into the country with more favorable conditions of work or higher living standards, etc.), war (seizure of foreign lands and their military colonization) and political (an escape from political, ethnic, racial, religious and other persecution, the exchange between the national minorities States, etc.). I. Mr.

played a key role in the settlement of certain parts of the world and the formation of the population in many countries around the world. I. Mr. has a significant impact on population dynamics, and its demographic consequences caused not only by the number of migrants, but also the originality of their sex and age structure: a noticeable prevalence among persons in young and middle age, as well as men. I. Mr. leads to confusion between different ethnic groups, as a result of what constitutes a new identity and nationality.

I. Mr. characteristic of all historical eras. Enormous influence on the population of Eurasia had a migration that took place during the last two thousand years, such as the Great Migration of peoples in Europe (4-7 cc.) migration associated with the Arab conquests (7-8 cc.), with the expansion of the Turkic-Mongol (11-17 cc.). Age of Discovery (mid 1915 – mid-17 centuries.) initiated a broad development of intercontinental migrations, mainly from Europe to other parts of the world, especially in America and Australia. In the 20 century. rates of migration continues unabated, although the migration and acquire a wide range of cases of another aspect: the huge population movements associated with the two world wars; resettlement of more than 16 million people. caused by partition of British India into two independent states – India and Pakistan, migration-related the resettlement of Jews in Israel and the flight and expulsion of Arabs from there, etc. At the same time still remain significant migration for economic reasons. Wide scale after the 2-nd World War 1939-45 was immigration workforce in the developed countries of Western Europe (the number of immigrants reaches 8 million people, including in France – 3.4 million, Germany – 2 million, Switzerland – 1 million, or 16% of the population, etc .). Countries supplying immigrants: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, the countries of North Africa. 'Great Russian Encyclopedia "

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History Museum

Cute slippers with pom-poms in the form of wonderful colors complement the ensemble. Help but smile, looking at the fluffy on the legs of your girl, can not neither you nor she, and then your mood will always be on top! And yet, there is another surprise in this land of tornadoes, flying houses and sunflowers. She awaits you when you get along endless fields to enter the city. It turns out that Kansas City – it is an original capital of the U.S. aviation industry! Here you can find all kinds of flying helmets, goggles and gloves – is where carousing male fantasy! If some of your friends have a great interest in the flight case, then choose the right gift is not difficult. If the enthusiastic pilots is not among them, then note for related products: T-shirts and shirts with airplanes and symbolism of plants that produce them, model aircraft, from vintage to ultra-modern. Special demand among tourists are funny opener for bottles made from aircraft turbines. Obtained they are durable and functional, and elegant curves and details of the engraved name of a thing is made, make the usual opener into a stylish accessory.

There are in Kansas and their museums, and reconstruction. Any guide will advise you to visit the Kansas Center for Space Studies, History Museum and the reconstructed street in Dodge City. The street, as if frozen in the xix century, returning tourists in days of cowboys and outlaws. Walking down the street, entering shops, where all the vendors are dressed in the fashion of those times, you can choose a gift for his boss. Perhaps it will whip or spurs, and maybe even inlaid with silver gun, which takes pride of place on a table or wall cabinet chief. Buy a gun safely and not be afraid for the lives of your colleagues: decorative gun does not shoot, but only helps the boss set at themselves look big:) And here comes the end of the journey to Kansas. Memories become a new meeting with the heroes of his childhood and return to the cowboy movie.

But upon returning home, when you tell family about the trip and give gifts, memories come alive and sparkle with new paint. Once again, then will become closer and Alley, aircraft factories, and endless fields, sunflowers and planes – in other words, Kansas. Childhood can not be returned, but here to meet with them again – you can. Goodbye, Kansas! And it's time you start the way the road paved with yellow brick road – the way home

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Gifts From Mongolia

If you are an avid traveler and lover of extreme rest, then you should definitely visit Mongolia. Despite the fact that this country is close to ours, the difference will surprise you. Life, culture and traditions of Mongolia will surprise any of its primitive and natural. You will bewitch bizarre national patterns, and bold riders will hit their skills. Mongolia, for tourists and shopaholics rather "cheap" country. Here prices Some products are much lower than in Russia, so even a small amount of money you can afford to constantly eat in restaurants. You buy a variety of gifts and goodies for all the relatives and friends. But that can be brought from Mongolia? Many people believe that there is only a horse and a desert.

This is absolutely not true. Mongolia has a well developed crafts, arms and catering. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the proposed range and did not leave the country without a great collection of souvenirs and things "as a gift." The first thing worth noting is the clothing. Almost all the shops you'll find yourself a wonderful pair of fine Mongolian slippers, which will remind long time about this trip and warm in the winter cold nights. This article of clothing will not only be useful and practical thing, but good design will complement your home. Purchase shoes for all members of your family, it will bring into the house a bright color and warmth. Also in Mongolia, a huge assortment of all kinds of T-shirts with national symbols.

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Czech Republic

Turn to the Consulate of the Czech Republic. New opportunities for long-term filing multivisa. All in the Czech consulate in Russia and cis countries, is for citizens wishing to submit a set of documents for consideration of the issuance of long-term visas (multivisa) remains a challenge. This issue brings a lot of experience and additional financial cost for a residence permit in the Czech Republic. The fact that such documents: a statement of professional records at home of a citizen who wishes to apply, a certificate of professional records in the Czech Republic, the lease contract (employment) of housing in the Czech Republic have a certain validity. Information about professional records in the Czech Republic for 90 days from the date of its issuance. Statement of professional records from the homeland (Russia or other cis countries) is valid 180 days. Lease contract (employment) of housing has basically one-year validity.

Accordingly, after receiving at the hands of a package of documents for submission to the consulate, a citizen must file a limited time for consideration and wait for a response from the consulate for another 120 days. Many people simply can not enroll in a queue at the consulate, on the grounds that the record is held the twentieth day of each month during the two or three hours of the consulate and signs are usually a month or two ahead. At the time of writing this article, all in the Czech consulate in Moscow has already closed on May 2008 and, accordingly, recorded 4/20/2008 will be held in June.

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Shopping In Milan

Milan – one of the world’s fashion capitals, but not only – it is also true world capital of fashion shopping. Favorable prices and make purchases in addition to explore the many attractions attract numerous shopping tourists. In planning of shopping need to take into account specific features of national Italian organization of work: siesta for them – is sacred, and even though the Milan – not such a hot city, from 13.00 to 16.00 chance of finding an open shop a bit. Another feature – but not Italian, and pan-European – shops close by Russian standards, too early (in 19 -20 hours) and do not work on Sundays. It is also not recommended to go to Milan in August – the city as if dying, and the shops are closed for a period of two weeks.

Main street, with the best boutiques, is Via Montenapoleone (sometimes shortened to “Monte Napo”). It is here There is a large store brand Armani, which itself can be called attraction. Once in the boutique Gucci, you may find that this brand uses a lot of love among Asian tourists, and visiting the boutique Dior, learn how true his reputation as a place with the most courteous staff. Another shop worth a visit, is a boutique Viktor & Rolf, in which everything is upside down – the floor looks like the ceiling and the ceiling as the floor. Its own world, created a boutique Dolce & Gabbana.

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