Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov

Topics of issue: The elimination of pollution in the Kerch Strait will pull in 20 billion. Ecological ESPO vynesut to the public. Eco-friendly production can receive tax benefits. Products in France will provide labels indicating the damage to the environment. —- Survey article will save the planet if global ‘climate’ investment fund? President Medvedev calls for close loopholes for corruption in the laws of the examination. Many writers such as Don and Ella offer more in-depth analysis. Moscow river again in the oil. Eco-friendly production in Russia may get tax breaks. Leading world powers are taking more decisive action against climate change.

The tragedy of the animal world: the mass death of dolphins and penguins. Products in France will provide labels showing of harm to the environment. Fans of Harry Potter harass British owls. Take care of the paper, gentlemen! —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Liquidation pollution in the Kerch Strait will draw on 20 billion on environmental rehabilitation of territories of Krasnodar region affected by the oil spill in the Kerch Strait in the autumn of 2007, requires at least 20 billion rubles … —- Ecological ESPO vynesut to the public, Transneft, from 13 June to 14 August will hold public discussions on environmental performance of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO), informs BBC News.

In particular, the company will make discussion on the materials of the section ‘Assessing the impact on the environment’ (EIA) as part of the feasibility study second stage of ESPO – NPC ‘Skovorodino’ – spetsnefteport ‘Kozmino’ … —- Academic: Turn the Ob to Central Asia, can disrupt the thermal balance of the planet rotation northern Russian rivers to Central Asia could provoke not only a regional but also a large-scale environmental disaster. About this agency “Rosbalt-North ‘, said chairman of the Russian independent environmental review RANS Vladimir Anikeev, commenting on the recent announcement at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. —- The full texts of these and other news you can available online at> ECOportal.ru and mailing in this release: 303 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.ru. Subscribe to our mailing list to this page.

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Following the same trajectory of the developed countries, the sprouting, in mass, of new technologies, in the arrival of century XX, it demanded the knowledge of the written language, not more as goal of desirable knowledge, but, as true condition of survival and conquest of the citizenship. It was in the context of the great cultural, social transformations, politics, economic and technological that appeared the term ' ' letramento' ' , extending, thus, the direction of what traditionally it was known for alfabetizao. (TO SOUND, 2003). , Currently so important how much to understand the functioning of the writing system, it is to be able to engage itself in practical social scholars, answering to the inevitable apelos of a grafocntrica culture. We perceive that, while the alfabetizao if it occupies of the acquisition of the writing for an individual, or group of individuals, the letramento focuses the aspects partner-descriptions of the acquisition of a society (TFOUNI, 1995). 3 the GREAT CHALLENGE IN the PROCESS OF LETRAMENTO In accordance with Piaget (1979), in the case of the development of the reading and writing, the difficulty to adopt the point of view of the child was so great that we completely ignore the manifestations evidentes of the infantile attempts to understand the system of the writing. From 1980, the pertaining to school alfabetizao in Brazil started to pass for new questionings, however, of this making, the focus of the quarrels was the emergency of new conceptions in the alfabetizao model, based in the result of research in the area of the cognitiva psychology and the psicolingustica, that showed the necessity of if understanding the functioning of the alphabetical systems of writing and knowing to use them in real situations of communication and writing, preventing, since already, the call functional illiteracy and compelling the change in the educational base: the alfabetizao. We have that to currently face the hard educational reality in our country, to start, for example, for the examination of the ENADE, where we notice that, according to university research, the pupils, you give to conclude superior education, do not know to decide questions of logical reasoning, that, currently, are applied for the ones of initial series; they also do not obtain to interpret simple texts and at least to decide basic mathematical operations (division and multiplication).

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Federal Constitution

The Federal Constitution presents the Education as being right social, a duty of the State, responsibility of the society and the family. Therefore, it assures to all, in Brazilian territory, the inalienable right to be instructed, as described in Art. 205 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 (BRAZIL, 2005). The roll of the rights and enunciated basic guarantees in the Constitution sends to us the article to it 26o of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man (ORGANIZATION OF United Nations, 1948), in which if it finds basement to understand the Education, gratuitous and liberating, as right universal, a time that the education must aim at to the full expansion of personality human being. Under most conditions michael kirban would agree. With this, it has been broken of the estimated one of that no person, institution or government it is bonanza for promoting the Education, the Culture, and the scientific and technological development.

Such actions constitute, so only, part of its obligations and something that the society must have as custom. The meaning social and cultural of Science as activity human being, socially conditional, sends to the great challenge found in a country that, for historical reasons, accumulated as much social inaquality. In this context, the actions of spreading of Science are important for the fact to contribute for the process of social inclusion, when propitiating to the population access basic the scientific and technological knowledge (MOREIRA, 2006). In the present work, it is intended to describe a project of spreading of the Science that is being carried through for the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son throughout 2010, in partnership with the Binational Itaipu and a located public college in the periphery of Estuary of Iguau (PR).

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Learn English

Once there was the heart of the legendary and mysterious Order of the Knights of Malta, known to all of the history of the Middle Ages. Now, an elite resort, where 320 days of sunshine throughout the year, and the water temperature even in winter falls below 17 degrees Celsius. But Malta attracts visitors not only the sea, beaches, unique temples and ancient catacombs, but also an opportunity to learn or "pull" is the most popular language in the world – English. Yes, here, on the Mediterranean island, where the classic English spoken is not worse than in London itself. Linguistic tour to Malta comfortable even as the first foreign trip.

It is very convenient Maltese Consulate in Moscow without any quibbles puts tourists and students a Schengen visa, even in a completely "clean" passports and thus opens a window to Europe. Everyone has a choice – you can live in the Maltese family, can be in the apartment for the students, it is possible in the hotel. Shtudirovanie English begins with the first day. English should be explained in the same taxi with his family. Somehow it turns out that getting the language environment, do not you think how to translate this or that phrase, and immediately pick up English expressions. At first, students often say ugly, then your vocabulary expands.

English lessons are very interesting and dynamic. By the end of courses some students even begin to dream dreams in English. Lessons learned in college last up to 2 hours of the day. Students can use the school private beach, where it is possible to walk sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, diving and play water polo. All the rest of the foreigners spend on trips and familiarity with the country. In Malta, the towns and villages so closely adjacent to each other that the dividing plates perform a purely symbolic function. All coaches are sent from one point of the country – the ring in the center of the capital Valletta. And depart from there in different directions. Crime in the country, almost none. Since Malta – a former British colony, the laws are such as severe as in England. Apparently, therefore, Malta does not have locks on the doors, and cars are not equipped with alarms. Even growing oranges on the streets without permission of anyone, including tourists, does not terminate. Maltese English schools are very popular in Europe. Here, learn how children and adults alike, regardless of the initial training. Each student can choose the program that he would have to taste: from basic to specialized courses – Business English courses for executives, managers, etc., as well as prepare and being in the language environment, successfully pass the tests of IELTS, TOEFL, which recognized throughout the world. The structure of the Maltese language schools like the British: the intensity of training – 15-20 hours per week, a form of teaching – in the presence of the mini-groups, groups, a combination of private lessons with group A … (Source: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs). In addition to learning using the same textbooks and qualified teachers have diplomas or certificates entitling them to teach English foreigners. In general, the Maltese language schools are the most popularity among the Italian, French, Brazilian and Czech students. Therefore, the ability to communicate in their native language will be for objective reasons, be kept to a minimum. But do not be afraid – with students working Russian-speaking counselor who can assist on any issue.

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Constituent Elements Of Ppp

CONSTITUENT ELEMENTS OF THE PPP The Brazilian education during the governments of Fernando Enrique Cardoso started to be stimulated next to the public schools, to be restored ' Project Pedaggico&#039 Politician; so that solution of the problems searched and, in turn, to contribute in the quality of the education. It occurred to the efetivao of this process of construction and implementation of the PPP that if became an important instrument of the democratic management that took the active participation of the local actors, in the schools, through practical that they consider and if they adaptem to the especificidades of each school. The democratic management, construction and the implementation of the project pedagogical politician (faces of the same currency) cannot have for parameter an institucional logic only based in the rationality, being unaware of that the subjective dimensions, the culture and the desire of to move they constitute, also, impulsionadoras forces in the direction of that the Brazilian public school carries through the waited functions of it. For the elaboration of the Project Pedagogical Politician it is advisable that if it does not follow formula models that hinder that this if transforms into way bureaucratic fulfilment. Connecticut Senator has similar goals. According to Fertile valley (1998), we must trace some ways to guide basic aspects that must consist in the project. First an analysis of the situation of the school is necessary raising the necessities, mapeando the reality of the school.

Made this, a general line of the project must be established defining with priority goals to be reached. Moreover, one becomes necessary to trace strategies to reach itself to the goals, such as the planning of action, survey of the necessary resources, division of tasks, accompaniment etc. Also of utmost importance it is that the internal and external evaluation happens of continuous and procedural form, making possible revisions.

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Historical Grammars

Each group carried its recording cassette, certainly the vital instrument of the modern pedagogia, and walked collecting opinions. I suspected of exit that the such professor read this column, if it unhaired daily with its you confront to laws of language, used to advantage that chance me desmascarar' '. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. The chronicle displays and opposes the speech conservative and liberal in relation to the education of the grammar and consequently it answers disclosing its opposition how much to traditionalistic education: ' ' I answered that the language, any language, is a media and that must be judged exclusively as such. Respected some rules basic of Grammar, to prevent the vexames clamoroussest, the others are dispensable. The syntax is a use question, not of principles. To write well is to write clearly, not necessarily certain.

For example: to say ' ' to write claro' ' it is not certain but it is clearly, certain? ' ' The description-social context was in 1982, text collected for the periodical Zero Hour, of Porto Alegre, chronicle that at the time was considered one confronts to the Portuguese language. In the finishing of the third paragraph, the author displays its indifference in relation to the formal aspects of the language, constructing then a metafrico speech, therefore where really they are studied the words are the Descriptive and Historical Grammars: ' ' I do not put myself in its particular life (of the words). It does not interest me its past, its origins, its family nor what the others already had made with elas' '. For it ' ' the privacy with the Grammar is so indispensable that I gain the life writing, although my total innocence with in matria' '. The ironic boardings are constructed through the discursivas representations of that it does not see utility in the education of the grammar in classroom. .

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Public Administration

Continuing to study with scholarships provided by the French government to study in their own country graduate students and specialists from Russia. ena and cisap (International cycles of the National School of Administration and International Cycles in Public Administration). Cycles are designed for civil servants who have some experience in their field, young officials who want to enhance their skills. Also, training can take graduates who want to continue to become civil servants. Cycles include two courses. The first – training program, designed for nine months, six of which Fellows are trained and three months set aside for training.

The second program takes a year and a half, three months is also set aside for training, and all the rest of the time be trained scholars from Russia, together with students from France. Half-year last cycle of ciap – International Series on Public Administration. Two – six weeks – the duration cisap (Special International Cycles in Public Administration). Scholarships French Ministry of Culture. This kind of Fellowship provides an opportunity to undergo training in various fields. Duration of training two to three weeks. The course is designed for professionals in the field of finance, economy, culture, politics, library projects. Scholarships of the Ministry of Culture and Communication are designed for foreign translators of works by French authors. The course allows professionals to enhance their skills, dealing with the translation literary texts and texts relating to the humanities. Duration of training – one to three months. Next, consider the scholarship of various organizations.

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Regional Ministry

Therefore, applications for identity documents for foreign governments almost was not. Since independence, Ukraine (24.08.91g.) In the legislation, much has changed, and changed the look of themselves evidence. Issuance of documents was carried out in the Ukrainian language, appeared characteristic symbols, on letterhead put official stamp of Ukraine. In 2002, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution "About zatverdzhennya zrazkv books restrats aktv tsivlnogo camp that opisv blankv svdotstv, scho vidayutsya sovereign bodies restrats aktv tsivlnogo camp (z zmnami, making zgdno is deciding KM N 316 (316-2003-n) vd 12/03/2003 ", according to which has been approved final design and dimensions of evidence, and the text printing registry office. But this The decision came into force only after March 2003, together with the new Family Code of Ukraine. In addition, most registry offices did not immediately switched to civil registration in new forms, but only after full use the old ones.

It turns out that under the law since 2003, all certificates issued by the registry office, must be the new model, but in practice, even in 2006 people have received at the hands of the documents on the old forms. All the evidence, issued in the territory of Ukraine for any period of time, all organizations of Ukraine, valid for internal use without authorization. What if … A. Your certificate is issued in the USSR. Take a good look place of issuance of the certificate. Legalization of the document will serve as a country whose territory is now in this locality.

For example, the certificate is issued in Tbilisi, Georgia. Your actions – to take the document re-legalize and make it to Georgia, even if you apply at the embassy in Ukraine. B. Your certificate is issued after 1991 in Ukraine. If your certificate matches a pattern, not laminated on the back and it does not have any foreign stamps (such as printing on a new passport, etc.), then re-issue of a certificate is not needed. Samples of the forms of evidence>> If you have on hand document issued after 1991, and the above model it does not match, you know that there is a decree that can not be sewed to the testimony of a single sheet of the certificate. This seal put to the original document, as well as evidence of an old specimen in the form of books and sheet form did not have enough free space, you need to take repetitive testimony. For consular legalization can use certificates issued since 1996 in the form of booklets. They are placed print DOJ and the Foreign Ministry. In most countries there is a requirement that, after putting the last udostoveritelnoy print to the filing of documents in authorities in these countries should take no more than 6 months, but in some countries, this applies not only stamps or Apostille legalization, but the date of issuance of the certificate. Therefore, if you can not qualify – whether to take a foreign country your documents issued by more than 6 months ago, also better to take them again. On new evidence for further legalization necessarily need to put the seal of the Regional Ministry of Justice. If you are not able to claim and to legalize the certificate on the territory of Ukraine and former CIS countries on their own – you can take advantage of our company.

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Education City

British Examinations Council City & Guilds is in Russia today, about 100 centers, from universities such as the Department of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University, to state and municipal schools or private language schools and courses, as well as industrial companies, such as, Shell on Island. And many of them work successfully as the International Examination Centres City & Guilds for over 12 years. City & Guilds also has a few in Russia major regional centers, which help to open up and start new local centers. This is particularly useful for small centers in remote cities and districts. Regional Centers City & Guilds are preparing, as a rule, more number of candidates for international exams, as well as provide help and support from local local centers.

British Examinations Council City & Guilds with their British staff provides a Russian centers of City & Guilds for independent international examinations approved by the uk Government. In this case, the British Examinations Council City & Guilds does not itself lead to Russia any educational activities, courses or training, but only provides its centers of examination papers and other documentation. Applications for the status of the International Examination Centre City & Guilds are welcome from any educational institution or employer. With the new center of City & Guilds accredited City & Guilds face of the contract is signed, providing for a quota on the number of candidates to pass an international exam, providing conditions for the exam, providing the center of methodological and other documentation. Public or private schools, English courses, company or organization, duly registered with tax bodies are also agencies and employers. They tend to have a license for educational activity. And for them is no problem to become a Centre City & Guilds, no.

And how to be a teacher or group of teachers of English language, which are engaged in tutoring, but want to open your Center City & Guilds? There is a way – to register as an individual entrepreneur in accordance with Article 48 of the rf Law 'On Education' from 10.07.1992 3266-1. This requires no extra costs time or money. Note that according to Part 2 of Article 48 of the rf Law 'On Education' self-employed educational activity is not licensed, regardless of the number of trainees at a time (the group), or a total of people. In paragraph 2 of the Regulation on licensing of educational activity (approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 31 March 2009 277) states that are not subject to licensing a) educational activities in form of single lectures, internships, seminars and other types of education is not accompanied by final certification and issuance of certificates of education and (or) training, b) self-employed educational activities, including in the field of training. That is, the tutoring services not subject to licensing. The teacher, in the case of registration as a private entrepreneur, determines the cost of paid service, organizing the collection of money for services, pay rent, is the need to incorporate, pay taxes. The most rational is the use of a simplified tax system – no need to keep accountant and do not require specific cost accounting, because accounting and reporting documents, you can entrust a specialized accounting firm.

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Freedom, What It Means Today For The People

Since the historical moments, the freedom was considered as an act of finally living in peace, a good example for such reason would be the emancipation letter in which the slave to be free of its owner allowed and to make of its life what he really wanted. However the freedom is today not seen of this skill for the opposite, it is seen of bad eyes, therefore we are not speaking of such freedom where so that it could be reached was necessary very work and sweat, not, we are speaking of the act of as to use this word with the others why to each step that the human being of, more disrespect is acquired, more ignorance is exerted. Thus the world if became great joguinho people who have better capacities being they in all the aspects, where mainly financial finishes using its freedom to bank one of ' ' superior' ' it has those that do not possess as much chance. The conclusion of everything is that the people are using the freedom of missed form, being that our ancestor had cost to get it and to prevent problems and future situations that are happening now as: wars, terrorism, constant destruction and enter excessively, what it leads to the reader to think: ' ' What he will be of all daqui the 15 years? ' ' ' ' Not. Daqui the 50 years? ' ' Something will go to happen obviously, but it will be good? it will be bad? We fit only to decide.

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