Productivity Program Consultant

The actual impact can be noted: It provides a context for decision making, a stable reference point from which set out the objectives and plans. Provides a meter that allows the team to measure progress in relation to external criteria. Provides a focus for collaboration and shared responsibility. Motivator for excellence and high efficiency. a Do not forget that: “A team that plays not to lose and not to win, often lose the stimulus, and the adversary, focusing on win, uses her positive energy to reverse the game. “Communication is key to performance, the more frequent reporting of employees, the greater are the chances of that are efficient for that reason the manager should encourage participation and communication .

Confidence is a prerequisite to good communication, the biggest problem of lack of confidence is that people stop communicating, whether the communication is stopped several negative consequences may occur as confusion, stress, reduced productivity, resentment , frustration and inability of employees to do the job. To handle a situation of binding, you need to understand how groups learn to behave. Past experiences and beliefs this may adversely affect the willingness of members of the group to change, halting the flow of productive energy in the unit of work and out of this is to recognize it in order to stop it, describe the situation and create group a challenge. The standards, such as habits, have some positive aspects: let people know that it is hoped, help to maintain order, eliminate the need to rethink every action and give a sense of security. On the other hand, they also pose disadvantages: they are resistant to change, they may obstruct the path to maximum efficiency, and can be unthinkingly accepted. Another aspect to consider is creativity, is a very important factor in the teams, we often happens that we were cycled with an idea and this is called functional fixedness and a good way out of it is to think about what you can not do. Creativity is the process of breaking old connections and establish new links that are useful. The time opportunities is very important for success, ie the high-efficiency equipment are opportunistic.

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