The Business Strategies of Fernando Canales

The financial problems of Monterrey Industry Group has been the currency of the nineties and the eight years of this decade. What surprised was the sale of IMSA had already overtones to sell it a few years ago got rid of the once iconic royal LTH. Fernando Canales left his company in 1985 to fight for democracy. In 22 years he ambitious goals. It is now out of politics and virtually from the business with hundreds of millions of dollars in his pocket. What are your plans? Fortunately the prestige of Monterrey there are other captains of industry who have taken advantage of the global situation and others who bet on the domestic market and Alberto Santos de Hoyos who is strong shareholder and President of Business Axtel Santos.

THE SALE OF IMSA The so-called Group, Group of the 9 most important and influential businessmen in Monterrey and the country came to an end yesterday with the announcement of the sale of Grupo IMSA powerful a foreign company. The Lordship of the Monterrey entrepreneurs has diminished in some areas but in other impressive moves. And beyond the explanation he gave Fernando Canales Press of birth and death in IMSA, business is business and a maximum of these is a vende when you comprena . Thus, for 3000 $ 200 million in business that is worth no nostalgia. And for that amount Canales family sells her IMSA and an era that began when Santiago Antonio Clariond Desdier came from France more than 70 years and founded the empire disjointed today.

The young man continued courtship with Mary Santiago Garza Gonzalez, whom he married after 11 years of relationship. From that marriage came Clariond Eugenio Garza. Consuelo’s younger sister, never knew his father who died young victim of high pressure. But it was Don James who along with his brothers founded flagship companies such as Clover Shirts The Cars dealership, SA, where the young Eugenio Garza Clariond debut as manager under the supervision of his mother. Years later he bought the first machine galvanizing sheet which gave rise to its industrial vocation. She later married Don Eugenio Clariond Reyes Retana with Ninfa and from that union were born Eugenio, Benjamin, Joseph and James, of men who worked hard at IMSA. Dona Consuelo married Jose Canales, born Agualeguas and then Fernando and Marcelo Canales, of men in this race that just worked from youngsters in the company for sale today. In October last year Clariond sold their shares to the IMSA Channels and split in a split into two holdings in late 2005: Verzatec and IMSA. Last IMSA served 71 years in February. The industrial group has had two Governors Monterrey Nuevo Leon: Benjamin Clariond Reyes Retana was interim and transitional substitute for the PRI and Fernando Canales who won election in 1997 the now constitutional Governor Jose Natividad Gonzalez Paras, but did not finish period. With the sale of IMSA foreign investors are only icons like Cemex and Gruma, quasi cement and corn, while the rest of the once great industry Monterrey is in the hands of foreigners, in the fascinating metamorphosis of business.

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