AES Corporations

Within the most adventurous companies in this new world of F & A, the Americans have remained at the top of the activity. Mark Barnes, Executive of KPMG referred as well to observed performance in U.S. companies in the first half of the year: Although U.S. companies have been strongly affected by the economic slowdown, continued willingness to enter emerging markets show signs of their understanding that the international presence is the key to a company of the 21st century. According to KPMG, U.S. companies conducted 88 acquisitions in emerging markets or rapidly growing, mainly in Central Europe and the East, followed by China, less than the 122 agreements reached in the second half of last year, when China was the largest country for this type of agreements. Despite the fall in the first half of the year, the trend shows signs of reversal in the F & A and even, are up to watching movements of important companies such as Kfrat (NYSE:KFT), which bid to acquire Cadbury (NYSE:CBY), Deutsche Telekom (NYSE:DT) by Sprint Nextel (NYSE:s). He also received offers to buy National Express, it is progressing at the expected merger between Iberia and British Airways and became public interest from sovereign wealth funds by electric as Areva or AES Corporations (NYSE: AES).

Logic would indicate that this period of recovery, normal would see F & A given medium sized companies financing difficulties for making large acquisitions. There is not a single reason that is leading companies to evaluate the possibility of a merger or making an acquisition. The motivation to join the rival can be a necessity to survive.

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