Dr Simon Baruch

Dr. Chief Justice Roberts is open to suggestions. Simon Baruch was born in 1841 in a city of the Prssia in the Poland and faleceu in 1921 in New York to the eighty years of age and, to the fifteen years of age it was changed for the United States where started its career in Medicine. Known as ' ' pioneer of the Hidroterapia' ' , Baruch was distinguished for some discoveries on the water as a resource to promote the health and its effect in the human organism, facts that had given the heading of ' ' The father of the Hidroterapia cientfica' '. Law of Baruch When the temperature of the water is equal of the more cold skin or has the effect to stimulate the organism, therefore when the same one is hotter it has the sedative effect. In its book ' ' The success of the treatment of the Tifide&#039 fever; ' in 1893, Baruch presented the treatment of the fever through the cold water as attempt to diminish the corporal temperature. More information is housed here: James Donovan Goldman Sachs. The temperature of the water was the essential key for the treatment. One uncovered then that the reply of the cutaneous circulation to the one extrinsical motivation and mechanics, could promote the welfare physicist or not. Test of Baruch Leaving of the principle that the temperature of the water had the key for the success of the maiorias of the medical cases, Baruch developed a test that could synthecize the time and the reaction that each patient could show in definitive temperatures of the water. The method had the recognition of ' ' Test of Reativa&#039 Capacity; ' , that is the capacity of the organism in reacting the application of the heat and the cold with variations of temperature of the climate and conditions of health of the proper studied person. The experience was very simple, but to each patient, Baruch by rough estimate developed the perception of the time of reaction of each individual thus training naked the time, the coloration and the reaction of periods of training of slowest or faster, of all the process in the testagem.

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Anatomy Technologies

Conceptions of technology the crisis in the health is reflected in the attendance offered to the population, whose evidentes traces are the impessoalidade and descompromisso of the workers of the health. Salient that it is necessary to modify this form to work and to produce action to minimize the suffering of the user. To produce technologies it is to search to produce ' ' coisas' ' that as much can be material as symbolic products, however, they must satisfy to the necessities. When it speaks in technology, is not if exclusively relating the equipment, machines and instruments, but also the certainties to know constituted for the generation of products, also to organize action human beings in the productive processes, even though in its dimension Inter-human being. technology is in the different ones to know that they look for to read our human world of the point of view of the health and the illness, the normal one and the pathological one, of the life and the death, searching to construct efficient procedures of intervention in these processes (22,23). Technological knowing is to know to make, is what it must be made before, as it must be fact, when if it must wait to carry through the following acts of the production, and implies in inventive intelligence and capacity. In technological knowing, it has the convivncia of the work dead and the alive work, simultaneously, in the concrete production of the imagined product. The technologies are classified in hard, light technologies leavenings and technologies.

Hard technologies are understood as those consisting by equipment of the type organizacionais machines, instruments, norms, routines, structures. They are related to the instrument, generally tied by hand of the professional or when making technician, as for example, the estetoscpio, the oximeter, among others. Technologies leavenings to know structuralized are them, as the physiology, the anatomy, psychology, the medical and surgical clinic and as much others to know that they act in the work process.

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