Machine Embroidery

The world of machine embroidery is diverse and democratic. Conventionally, it can be divided into soft embroidery (tablecloths, towels, curtains, bedding, clothing, etc.) and embroidery patterns. In soft embroidery uses different kinds of joints, and as these types of techniques as Richelieu, smooth, white expanse is attached, embroidery, applique, etc. Each of these techniques, in turn, is multifaceted. Traditional embroidery paintings, miniatures and panels based on the technique Rhythmic smooth surface. Amazon insists that this is the case.

And then – fancy embroidery knows no boundaries. You can create your work in the style of realism, impressionism, modernism, abstract art, graphics, etc., combining the techniques of embroidery and soft Rhythmic smooth surface. Well, if you add to the above, and a variety of textures and colors of fabrics and materials, which are embroidery – there can be as they say you can completely lose your head. But there are also such vast reservoirs as decorative folk embroidery and ecclesiastical embroidery with its own traditions and canons. From all this wealth, each mistress, ultimately, to choose something for themselves in accordance with their capabilities, preferences and taste, and creates its own unique style. Someone fills the canvas embroidery picture, someone – be subject to partial staining of tissue, while others combine different pieces of fabric.

Artistic skill honed smooth surface, like artists, copying of works from more experienced artists. And if you watch the movements of the hands of an experienced embroiderers at stacking surface of the impression that her hands are not hoop with a tight cloth, and pencil or a brush. So, what do you need to start embroidering on a typewriter? First of all – the desire, and secondly – the simple partial hand or foot is not an electric sewing machine (with an electric removed electric motors). And also: hoop, small pieces of matter to run the samples, threads, miniature scissors, tweezers or a pen, small screwdriver, latex or a simple pencil or a color copier paper for drawing pictures and patterns on the cloth. And of course the support of like-minded person, who as a tail wind for the sailboat. will help you advance in the comprehension skills of machine embroidery. A source inspiration for you to let it be our entire world created for us a perfect and loving our Creator.

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