Same Microwave

However, remember that built-in grill requires a certain place, so apparently the same microwave oven and microwave and grill have different amounts of the working chamber. Type upravleniyOt control type microwave oven depends largely on how comfortable you will use it. Each of the ways in which today offer manufacturers of this type of home appliances, has its advantages and disadvantages. The most simple and reliable – a mechanical control. Two rotary knobs let you set the power unit and its running time. Typically, the timer designed for 30-60 minutes. E-governance can be push-button or touch. The buttons provide a choice of power levels, cooking time, switch to the grill or convection.

To date, this type of control microwave oven is considered to be optimal: it is simple and fairly reliable. Sometimes near the keypad is the knob. The touchpad is completely smooth and allows for full automation cooking process. Typically it can help to pre-programmed number of favorite recipes, and in some models such recipes already included in the program. Suffice it to indicate the weight of the product and type of food that you wish to receive. The furnace itself is the desired time, select the mode and at the end of the beeps. Unlike plastic buttons, touch not have expressed relief and triggered by light touch. Additional features and prisposobleniyOdnoy of additional features microwave ovens is the ability to steam, which helps prevent overdrying certain foods during their preparation. With this feature, the food is prepared in two to three times faster and stores at the same time its natural texture.

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Semiphotos Nikon

Camera Nikon D90 slr legend of the vendor. This is a very powerful slr with a matrix format dx, the resolution of which is 12.3 megapixels. On board the device has a system of image processing expeed. Although the company already makes cameras based on the expeed processor first version a long time to be relevant and competitive. Sensitivity range extends from 200 iso to 3200 iso. Besides the camera Nikon D90 can record Video and hd format, which is superior to a lot of amateur video.

The camera has a mode LiveView, an extended set of modes to control the photographs and the system recognition of subjects. Camera Nikon D3000 perfectly suitable for novice photographers who are already looking towards the side mirror cameras. The camera has a dx format with a resolution of 2.10 megapixels. Lover it may seem that megapixels are not enough, but it is not so. The camera makes great pictures thanks to the large pixel size (in compact cameras, it is much less). The camera Nikon D3000, as befits an slr, fast autofocus system. It focuses on 11 points. Display in the camera 3-inch. Help in the camera so well thought out that even the inexperienced user to quickly orient and will soon begin to make good pictures.

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