Natural Attorney General Don Fernando Davila

By 1634 it is obvious that continuous Quechua spoken in the highlands of Piura, specifically in the mountains of Ayabaca in the area of the river basin chipillico. In a trial of land followed by Don Juan de Frias curaca Yaguana on the possession of the site named Timbe Christopher Flores is quoted as “… chief of the village of Frias, layers Castilian language natural …”, John Rona Frias of the partiality of Chincha, Tomas Tapia Vietnam palaces Ayabaca Indian people, Indian Yaguana Antonio main guaranga of users (saywa) and reduced Chalaco in the village of San Andres de Frias, all witnesses to the said John Yaguana. The declaration of taking possession of the site to Juan Yaguana is quoted: “In the Tingo Citi and camp site, where the streams meet the Inga language if you call and corrupt in Timber, in ten ninth day of August 1600 and thirty-four, I Don Diego de Saavedra Masias Coello, appointed by the royal court and government of this kingdom than for the execution of sent …. comes to the said cities “Don Jose de Luvia another witness noted the existence of” Timber “that” Inga is the language of the meeting of two rivers.

“The suit was continued, since in a file the petition dated February 11, 1725 Natural Attorney General Don Fernando Davila that: “On behalf of Don Diego Yaguana and grandson of John Yagan says = that the said Juan de Yaguana Sarango, his grandfather bought the cities and lands called veneers toad and it encompasses guaca Timbe and the place named in such compliance the supplicant and his descendants have owned these parts many years without anyone contradictions “This document indicates the knowledge of Quechua Indians by witnesses of Chincha, Frias, users, Ayabaca, guaca landowners and Don Diego de Saavedra (of Rascal) and Nicolas Antonio de Ribera (De Cacaturo and guacas), Spanish and ayabaquina regional neighbors.

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