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Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz (1845-1900) is recognized as the largest Portuguese novelist. The author of A illustrious House of Ramires, mordant critic of the society of his time, wrote one of the most touching pages of world literature. However, few understood its political message. At a time of so much materialism, in which the human being, stifled by the violence, begins searching for the solution to their individual and collective despairs intensely in the divine Amparo, can only do you good, while patiently waiting for earthly solutions, the memory of a child’s appeal served by one of the greatest symbols of solidarity that has news: At that time Jesus had not even gone from Galilee, from the banks of the Lake of Genesaret. but the news of his miracles had already come to Shechem, rich city, among vineyards, in the country of Samaria. Fence of Shechem, in a shack, lived an unhappy widow among all, that had a son sick with fever. The miserable floor was not whitewashed, neither had a cot in it. On red clay lamp oil was dry.

Grain was missing from the Ark, the sleeper of the domestic mill noise had ceased, and this was in Israel cruel evidence of infinite misery. The poor mother, sitting in a corner, crying. And, kneeling, covered in rags, pale and trembling, the child asked, with weak voice as a sigh, that would be to call this Rabbi from Galilee who heard speak at the well of Jaco, he loved children, who nourished multitudes and cured all evils human with the caress of his hands. And the mother said to him, crying: how wilt thou, my son, that I leave you and go to look for the Rabbi of Galilee? Obed is rich and have servants, I saw them pass, and in vain sought Jesus through small villages and cities, from Corazim until the country of Moab. Septimus is strong, has soldiers, also saw them pass, and asked for Jesus without having found from Hebron until the sea.

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