In testimony given before the guardianship court on October 27, 1993, the orities said they were fifty years old, a native of the village of Tambo, Coyaima Township, and having lived in free union with ISABEL NARVAEZ, who died leaving him with seven children. He added that for 11 years worked in the indigenous community of El Tambo, where he owned a plot of two hectares, planted with banana, cassava and other fruit, which was awarded by the community, after its delivery by the INCORA, location who came to change with the determination to remove him and take his land, denying him the right to work and the recognition of the value of the improvements produced on the farm. On the motives and how they made the decision to exclude him from the community, said the council directives succeeded his dismissal as deputy governor in the year 1992, accusing him of stealing bananas and other items, slanderous allegation that resulted from retaliation for the fact of having overseen the handling of money by the governor of this time. In November 1992, he said, “the governor met with the community and told me to sign the expulsion of the community, taking away the right of the land worked …

and I drove community. I told him I had some improvement and when I sorted out what improvements and 11 years of work in the community was not going …. ” He said the decision to expel the majority community adopted and that the directives of the council refused to recognize the value of the improvements, arguing that there was no indigenous law forced them to do so.

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