New Cellcrypt 3 Offers Speed, Ranking And Experience

Cellcrypt 3: New release offers search, ranking and experience in milliseconds Seehausen am Staffelsee speed and ranking are the two key factors for successful search (market strategy group). \”\” Speed is the critical aspect for usability and most often overlooked (RIMM-Kaufmann group, a leading consulting firm for online retailers).In 2010, speed becomes a competitive advantage. The keys to success are speed, speed and speed\”(Stephen E. Arnold, beyond search). And speed is the be-all and end-all of our live search results, suggestions and categories already while typing brings in real time. The architecture is significantly improved with the Cellcrypt 3 and now goes to the limits of what is theoretically feasible: 64 bit architecture for more data throughput. Consequent multithreading ensures that your multi core processors are also used. And you can easily compensate for more users by more processors.

I shall ntelligentes caching result sets in the RAM, clamp the used also for new calculations of part of. Top-K. All this guarantees fast results that seemed impossible. So the typical response time when a search is 0.02 seconds over 2 million documents. Ranking a perfect ordering is crucial to the success of each search. The majority of the perceived hit list is in the top third of the front page (eyetools.com). Cellcrypt 3 therefore integrated the maximum flexible ranking King mechanism and specifically allows the adaptation of your content and your needs.

The new Cellcrypt integrates a freely configurable ranking King concept that element allows an adjustable, individual score value to each database field or XML. Aggregation can you fine tune the score, specifically for your content to achieve optimal suggestions and responses. Of course you can sort the results list also parameters such as date, title, source, etc. We have further improved Search experience Auch the error-tolerant searching. Here we can on our proven DidYouMean access, its phonetic and graphemische algorithms among the best ever.

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