The Corporation SI GROUP

Despite the fact that the national campaign "Flint Drive" from TM "Flint" and of "Snack Export" (part of the corporation SI GROUP) is completed, prizes are still waiting for the winners online brand. TM "Flint", the market leader in biscuits and record, "Ukrainian Book of Records", a new record during the super sms-action "Flint Drive." For three months, during which lasted for action, the number of sent sms exceeded 1.3 million. Ohio Senator usually is spot on. Data monitoring shows that the number of unique numbers Ukrainian mobile operators, the action "Flint Drive" campaign surpassed all similar national brands. The only undefeated opponent TV project was "Dancing with the Stars," which surely came in first place in number of participants sms-voting. The drawing of the super "Flint-drive" is scheduled for late August, more information can be obtained Online TM Flint "Action is completed, but" Flint "can not be forgiven with his friends – says Anna Panasyuk, brand manager of TM" Flint "- owners of prize-winning pieces, for whatever reasons, did not participate in the raffle for of the "Flint-drive" can still get their prizes. It's enough to leave the site TM Flint message indicating a mobile phone number – and you will be contacted and our operators will help you get well-deserved prize. We want all parties to this action have won! ". Background: The Corporation SI GROUP – the largest Ukrainian FMCG-holding, currently comprising six major business lines. The first strategic direction of the business of the corporation – it's snack line, represented by well-known company in Ukraine "Snack Export". In this direction SI GROUP is a leader and unconditionally is the number 1 on the snack market: TM "Kozatska rozvaga" – the absolute market leader in salted nuts (peanuts); TM "Flint" – ranked first in the segment of biscuits, TM "Macho" – the market leader in premium pistachios and walnuts; TM "Marine "- leader market dried fish and seafood; TM KartoFan – a trademark of the strategic direction of the company in the category of potato snacks, + young, dynamically developing brands: TM Red Pistachio; TM FITTO – light crackers; TM SEMKI The company "Snack Export" was established in 2000, is located in Dnepropetrovsk, the main production facilities are located in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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All About Astrakhan

Blog Gleb Ivanov is the most contagious example of success: the provincial inherently online diary becomes a party TOP500 Yandex. Yes there TOP1000, according to Livjournal.ru, regional editor weekly blog investigations, “Fact and compromising,” at the time of writing this note is a very enviable position 213! .. What he’s bribed a Russian-language blogosphere, that even kings are involved in ratings conducted by Gleb Ivanov mega-mobs and actions? Maybe he was all his sly Frendo caviar feeds of melons – astrahanets Gleb Ivanov is this, anyway. What does he say? News Astrakhan and the SFD, politics, a lot of photos taken by an inquisitive journalist different parts of its old city, bearing the title southern outpost of Russia. And yet – reviews of interesting sites you want links and more. Personally, I recommend it bluntly buddylist. They say this season is cool:) PS By the way, who put it in a button that Hleb, as always qualitatively otpiarit in his journal.

Just do not forget to inform him about it. A code of a button, you can always find in his profile. In general, news of Astrakhan, and more on blog famous journalist! One has only to give himself into the hands of the press, so it is all the bones peremoet, gnawed, and they will eat. These are the thoughts come, when you hear the one about the proposal Astrakhan. No, not marriage, although this blogger who writes about news Astrakhan and not just say, very attractive. At least when it controversial journalist and editor of the regional weekly “Fact and compromising,” shown in one of Transmission of an “honest detective” on channel “Russia” by Eduard Petrov, negative impression, he did not make. On the contrary – the brave journalist, only one struggling with the written word corrupt and werewolves in epaulettes.

He invites all who will place a button on his blog, PR for himself. It’s worth it, blog Gleb Ivanov holds a worthy place in the rankings and a PR benefit you (just tell him do not forget about it and the button will discover in it profile). Why would he want, you ask? They say he has been studying the Russian blogosphere. Therefore, to discover, and along with his many readers for another interesting blog for a very interesting.

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Military Blocs

When people realize that the unification of military blocs – the path to war, but war is a disaster, military alliances fall apart. Of course, this premise is controversial. And yet, imagine that countries no one is threatening a military attack, and begin to reduce armies. They will be reduced to a value sufficient to fight in local skirmishes, antidiversionnyh operations in the fight against terrorism. This will reduce much armed forces, and together with them and the MIC.

What to do with closing jobs? And just the thought of Sevastopol. In section USSR Sevastopol became Ukrainian. Ukraine does not need an army and navy, in such amount as they were in the Soviet Union. Ukrainians shout "Get out!" Russian Black Sea Fleet. But the screaming somewhere in Lutsk, Lviv or. A Ukrainian Sevastopol does not cry – it works in Russian enterprises and Russian eats bread! Reduction of the armed forces will affect the basic security APU. In Sevastopol, the base value of support is much larger than necessary for the Ukrainian fleet size.

A Sevastopol lease is held by the base complex. But the rental fleet of the Russian Federation may end before the contractual term that Sebastopol would be tantamount to disaster. For the city budget will be lost 450 million hryvnia, then, as the manufacturing of Sevastopol in 2000 was 325.4 million hryvnia. In other words the city will not be able to pay not only with the state, but also with the workers, the deficit will amount to 125 million hryvnia.

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