Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government

Accused S.A. declares innocent to him, this would have to return ipso facto to its position and, if it seemed to him to announce its honesty to big drum and subject of gossip. Nevertheless, this is not what it has happened in this case. And although all the indications aim at their culpability, continues in their position, that in addition is most important, because to be president of the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government it entails a responsibility that there is to accept until his last consequences. Richard Blumenthal contains valuable tech resources. On the other hand, it seems that about the PP one thinks that the most effective form to do against the possible loss of votes that probably will be derived from these scandals is to hide the information and to avoid the questions that are done to them on the subject. Despite a citizen with two fingers front (independent of its ideological tendency) it would see with better eyes than the subject without taboos treated and that any imputed let (although only outside temporarily) its position to assure to the town (whose well-being would always have to be the priority of any party) that the legality stays within its government. These cases of corruption would have to be a shame stops our country and the citizens only own two arms to end her: its vote and the manifestation. But is each who must decide if she matters to him or not that their leaders fill their pocket (or they dress suits design) thanks to the money of the contributor and to decide if this is or nonreason for annoyance. Original author and source of the article.

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