Now the autumn is approaching, and like all fashion has its own styles. MODERN hippie fashion, this autumn wear appropriate colors, like to know how to go? Here you will have everything. Take supplements in the head is very appropriate, we can take up to hats of thread, original bows of color colorful to animate the autumn, or flagpole can take, foulards, scarves or ribbons on the head, we have to play with the hats and bonnets. Recap the hair we have know play with the tones of the face, and used a basis and a suitable make-up. Play with the different makeups, eye to the Middle stripe, eyes well highlighted, i finite eyebrows i profiled. If we decide to go with uncovered hair, we can choose between the braids, by a loose hair with a braid of front, also have pins original showy r.

A haircut that can be appropriate would be cutting bangs. I found in a magazine a Council that I want to convey, to leave it to the height of the eyes, and once you see as cutting as it seems. The truth is that the autumn is a dark station, with long brown warm colours i.e. i contrast head change original i makes it perfect, so is the hippie fashion. As shoes could carry some boots (as water) showy i with colors, or perhaps could begin to bring some sea cucumbers or even ballerinas (modern hippie fashion). The truth is that the combination of colors, contrasts is what will give this fashion touch. As a t-shirt can obtar by wool with prints and Turtleneck sweaters. Coats and raincoats with flowers and raw colors showy IO. The truth is that each person who wears hippie fashion combines in its sole discretion, and is a trait of this fashion that makes it so unique. Original author and source of the article

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A Book For Lawyers

A book for lawyers lawyers read and learn the lawyer of the MARCELO BIRMAJER MARCIANO: this essay is an interesting book, especially in some sections that every lawyer must take into account. In this essay I would like to take a tour to this book, giving me the freedom to express some impressions which cause me some sections, some thoughts which I would like to mention with regard to the facts that they narrate, and Lastly, and perhaps what you love me, comment on some of the phrases type aphorism that appear between lines. As you will see the reader, I just want to go so unprepared by the pages of the book, without too much focus on a topic, just as much as fun to exercise my writing and to have fun have also read those and they want to share impressions as would be done in an enjoyable chat mode, the same way can practice the same excercise through different book recommended in uniderecho a page dedicated to deal with legal issues. First of what I want to talk about is the central theme of the book. Learn more at: Richard Blumenthal. What the? The lawyer of the Martian theme?. Not yet I determined clearly what has been the main intention of the author: If you make a reflection about the Supreme value which means the human soul as faculty to distinguish the good from the bad and that makes us a few mysterious beings by nature; or whether it is rather a reflection on the struggle that involves the independence and his own conquest in the stage of life in which finally I decided or we have to assume our own existence. I think that in this book the legal question of the lawyer goes into the background, you can take from your words, but is not what most author explodes between its lines. .

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Diet Revolutions

One of the most revolutionary ideas about diet that has been excelling in recent times is something called the zone (The Zone), which was originated by Dr. Barry Sears. The area is based on the idea that we must return to the diet of ancient people, diets that emphasize fruits, vegetables and meats. The diet does not deny the hydrates of carbon, but that simply limits their use. People who diet are encouraged to drastically reduce their consumption of pasta and potatoes. Zone operates according to a formula of 40/30/30, which means a 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent from fat, and 30 percent of protein.

There is a physiological basis for the zone. Dr. Sears developed the diet in an effort to limit the amount of insulin in the body. This is due to a large amount of insulin can lead to an accumulation of fat, causing obesity and other medical problems. People in diet are encouraged to get their carbohydrates from fruits and the vegetables, as well as lu fat from olive oil and other monounsaturated fats. The biggest advantage of the zone diet is that it can lead to significant weight loss.

It is also healthier that some diets, since it eliminates non-nutritive carbohydrates and emphasis on fruits and vegetables. The diet encourages people to eat often, at least every five hours. It is also a low calorie diet; typical in women who undergo diet will be consumed only about 1300 calories, at least in La area obeyed. Another positive aspect of the area is that it discourages the consumption of junk food, that can be the basis of the weight gain. Some Dietitians cordially endorse the zone, while others dismiss it as too difficult to follow. The diet can also be costly, due to its strong dependence on products with protein. In addition, some critics see the area as something too complex, because it forces people under this diet, to spending too much time trying to make different calculations.

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Culture Citizen

Aristotle: If citizens practiced friendship among themselves, would have no need for Justice written by: Alejandro Teresa Martinez defend the right to freedom is a basic obligation is not only of Governments but of everyone who resides spirit of democracy and peace. However, it is necessary to understand that freedom will always have two boundaries: responsibility and respect for the rights of others. You can never speak of freedom if individuals do not respond for what they do or do not do; and nor must it if violate the guarantees of other persons. The good man has to learn to live in society because that is their natural environment. Some species of animals live isolated in the forests or jungles, or run or fly free like the wind in some lost paradise still not discovered by humans. Fernando Savater, in his book politics for Amador says: is not to choose between nature and society, but recognize that our nature is society. However some beings humans living happily when they travel to the field, when they pass through forests or when they spend some time in the desert. On the subject says the author previously cited: nature are biologically products, but of the society are products, producers and furthermore complicit to a life more enjoyable is necessary to adopt a few behaviors, attitudes, values and perceptions consistent with regulations in urban society, which will lead to create the foundations of peaceful coexistence.

It is precisely this what citizen is called culture a very valued expression from when the inhabitants of big cities understood that it was necessary to voluntarily comply with minimum standards to obtain a better understanding of their places of residence. Civic culture has, therefore, two components. First, adherence to the rules; the second provided that compliance is voluntary. In the event that citizens repeatedly violates the rules, society must have coercive mechanisms to enforce them. This last is not ideal, but not necessary in communities like ours, in which we have been traditionally alien to the social discipline.

Some citizens met and others do not. Among those who met a few do so by fear and others by conviction. hese past already know what civic culture and learned to be free without forgetting respect is another. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.

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Alderman City Council

Toro, duck and pork.Turkey already has forgotten me, as also the mosquito. While the regional government supported by the Government of the State is this charging parties in these days of fiesta mayor of the village, is they are hearing some voices that now touches to be civilized and to be civilized we can not go see bullfighting until we have more than fourteen years, but if we can see how they kill sticks they stab or they ametrallan to death our heroes of the cinematelevision, video games or consoles. Now, to be civilized, not we can amuse ourselves if for this reason must be dizzy to some other duck as says some Alderman City Council and recalling the law of protection of animals adopted last year by the regional government this is serious!. Now be more civilized. The slaughter of the pig, where several families or enough people of the village gathered and spent all day has already been loaded. The custom of some that another community carried out the killing of the kid, is also are loaded say, begins to be prohibited. What kill the Turkey for Christmas not be if even allowed.

Although also this habit seems that it has been lost. As they say, is be civilized treatment which receives the human species to legislate the Government different procedures that freeze or manipulate or destroy in its origins to the species, or if is in the scene of progressivism even can aspire to provoke one a dignified death! Furthermore, continues being civilized kill insects with those paralyzing sprays or the Flyswatter always or using the service of control of mosquitoes than not is that they do with the larvae but it seems that they disappear almost all with their spraying. But now it seems that the mosquitoes will have a period of splendour in this small region of the world, because the product he used that control service for 25 years, not this approved and do not allow you to use. Despite this, as some many are still uncivilized animals, continue year after year having fun with the correbou and l empaitada d anecs, i.e. make run at the befestigungsschraube and pursue and catch the duck in the water and smaller, for the moment, can come to see the Bullfight on television because that not yet have banned you, as they can also still see killings and fights that our heroes perform.PD. By the way!, also allowed us see news about the TV news, uncensored images.

We are a civilized country and now being civilized and while we rested or we are eating, some many are dedicated to keep abreast with these news so civilized that emit our public television.

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Barely there are alternatives, so the indications we receive teach us the way, i.e., we must concentrate on our daily chores and how to be a few good players, without thinking that there may be that disturbing element that leads to reflection or search for the truth, as a rule, that element should be left without coverage or translate it at minimum levels. One can think of as fun as eating, how to win at the game of sovereign independence, but arrived at this point and that is the important thing, he should stop thinking. If also in Catalonia, it must be done in catalan. But as all game, there is always an end and perhaps this end does not like certain regions independent sovereigns, and won’t take long to see, how are they rushing (without delay) to terminate the game to the first victory to get, therefore won’t find (if they continue playing and were kept the same game rules), with the breakup of their region to arise them a multitude of gnomes that also require their sovereign independence. If! This is the game, i.e. If is continuous playing, will come out small independent sovereigns that also want to win and get a title as the President of the independent and sovereign region of starting by implanting that another autonomy in our small, loved and never forgotten regions that supposedly suffer and suffer from regional centrality and then that will?. More secure, is that they will say that the game has been completed, i.e. already not you can keep playing to be sovereign and independent, is not correct that the regions begin to raise the search of their sovereignty and independence but perhaps, as a simple matter of survival, they begin another game that would be to go by annexing other neighbouring regions.

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Grey Turner

In 20% of patients it presents a great distension of the upper part of the abdomen due to the paralysis of the stomach (gastric ileus) or a pancreatic inflammatory large mass displacing the stomach forward. Sudden abdominal tenderness, usually very painful abdominal pain in the upper part of the abdomen (epigastrium) occasions so intense that is checked is beyond rigidity of muscles by pain to what is called, abdomen in table. Acute pancreatitis should take as a box of deferencial diagnosis to all box of sudden abdominal pain among which we have: drilling of a gastric ulcer or duodenal, a heart attack mesenterico, intestinal obstruction with strangulation, biliary ruptured aneurysm desiccant, colic, ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis and diverticulitis. Complementary tests: amylase and lipase that is allan increased in the 1st day and normalized in the next 7 days. Leukocytes soar between 12,000 to 20,000/ul, the hematocrit is there in the 50 to 55% as a consequence of the great loss of inflammatory fluid to the third space.

Figures for calcium low 1st day for the loss of albumin in the inflammatory liquid or chemical burn. The simple abdomen radiography shows presence of gallstones in the interior of the pancreatic duct or gallbladder as bowel ileus in the upper left quadrant, in the chest X-ray revealed atelectasis or pleural effusion. Pancreatitis with necrosis and hemorrhage has a mortality of 10 50% and there is a progressive decrease in hematocrit, presence of liquid hemorrhagic ascites, decreased calcium in serum and the most striking, the appearance of the sign of Grey Turner (extravazacion towards the flanks) or Cullen (extravazacion towards the navel). The criteria of Ranson which gives us the pattern for the treatment and prognosis of severe pancreatitis are available: 1.-age of 55 years 2. serum glucose greater than 200 mg/dl 3.-serum LDH greater than 350 IU/L 4.-AST formerly called SGOT increased to 200 IU/L 5.-more than 16,000 leukocytes uL remaining signs are completing at 48 h following the patient admission: 6.-descent of the greater than 10% Hto 7.-increase of greater than 5 mg/dl 8 BUN-serum calcium higher than 8 mg/dl 9.-PO2 manor of the 60 mmHg 10.-basis deficit greater than 4 mEq/L 11-kidnapping estimated more than 6 litres of liquids. When there is a mild pancreatitis on CT images shows a slight swelling of the pancreas, his proostico is excellent, but if very temefacto, the prognosis is severe with a slow recovery and risk becoming chronic pancratitis. Suede box is very serious hospitalization is convenient to the patient with a box of sharp abdominal pain that it be completed with laboratory tests and start aggressive treatment in replacement of liquids by the great extravazacion inflammatory or hemorrhagic and avoid serious complications, so I repeat, do not try to automedicar or ambulatory resolution.

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Europe Term

We have two types of refinancing possible for individuals, namely: on the one hand, the refinancing of debt could be modification of the payment obligations of the debtor through extension of its period of maturity or the establishment of other obligations in lieu of those, what entails in practice the possibility of negotiating with creditors, periods of lack even the extension of the maturities of obligations, which would entail a higher interest payment, but a monthly amortization lower. By another, the refinancing, reunification or debt consolidation, could lead to the hiring of a loan of greater amount with collateral, which become short-term cash obligations obligations of term to long term, with increased economic spending in interest and other costs of formalization, but with monthly repayments more affordable. The need of refinancing, debt consolidation, or reunification is derived from a sudden, current insolvency situation, when the debtor fails to comply with his payment obligations or when insolvency is imminent, i.e., expected in the short term, it will start to renege on their payment obligations. It is possible to even that to produce the insolvency, the situation worsens with the inclusion of the debtor in the files of delinquent, situation that will make more difficult the refinancing of debt. So it is that the profile of the mediator must be very professional, with capacity for negotiation, communication skills, adaptability and ability to design an appropriate plan for the needs of consumers and be fair with the interests of financial institutions, i.e. need negotiate seeking the reconciliation of interests. Therefore, the first conclusion we extract is that refinancing, debt consolidation, or reunifiacion is a financial, bad operation from technical and economic point of view, the costs that supposed to cancel the foregoing obligations and constitute the new. However, this may be the only option when there is a breach of credit obligations or breach thereof is expected in the short term. From our point of view, the refinancing, reunification or debt consolidation, should be undertaken not only with enlargement of capital or fresh money, should be pursued, so that it is profitable, with a negotiation with all creditors involved, which includes the procedural representation, if applicable, (allowing pose a legal tactic) in order to achieve a fair settlement for parties that do not in the medium term a situation of insolvency.

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