Crimean Viticulture

History of the Crimean viticulture and winemaking starts from the time of reunification of Crimea from the Russian state in 1783, almost anywhere in the Crimea there are special wines that are unique to this place! If you relax in the eastern part of the Southern coast, choose Koktebel. By the way, now produce good brandy of the same name. Moving on to the center – the New World – homeland of the Crimean champagne. Do not hesitate to vezite champagne. It will be wonderful of gifts, if you will, "from the ship to the ball." Brut, dry or semi-dry sparkling wine will decorate your table.

Center and western part of South Coast – is certainly "Massandra. Wine every taste and color. From light gold to ruby-black, wine, order-bearers and the new young. It all depends on who you want to please. For a young girl will approach fragrant sweet muscat, for older women "Ladies Cognac" – "Madera".

To meet with a group of friends are ideal port, is in this drink is some romanticism of youth. Yes, and port refers to young wines, period of exposure – just 60 days. There in the Crimea and original dessert vintage wines of the Crimea – wines that can please the true connoisseur of the drink: a sweet and rich Pinot Gris Magarach, a multiple winner of international exhibitions Pinot Gris Ai-Danil Massandra, Tokai South Coast, Magarach number 25, Cahors South Coast, Muscat White red stone, Bastardo. Enumerate the masterpieces of the Crimean winemaking can be to infinity.

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And all this under the conditions that our car is on warranty maintenance and safe from all sorts of damage. Exactly one day we met our friends and relatives in our small home. Each course had to explain the reasons for our stimulated travel by train. All in any event, were pleased to see us and were very surprised that our laws again worked against us – citizens of Russia. Thus, all part of the way to Russia we had to overcome on Russian railways. As mentioned earlier our with your fellow countryman, the most trains in the world.

During this entire situation, of course, there are positive sides, but the journey itself was suicidal. Since we were traveling in the month of July, the heat on the street was utter, car became red to red, and boil the tea was not necessary. The whole day we dreamed of the air conditioner and the end of the day as darkness fell. Thank God that our children are accustomed to all sorts of traveling all the moved normally and without caprice. Our eyes were brought vast expanses of our homeland. Landfills wind-fallen trees across the following of the places where there were no settlements and dumping of household rubbish mixed with clear who and what built the chicken coop and garages within the city. Garbage at the stations, the absence of a normal road surface on the ramp and the Russian-speaking population with his "good-natured" mentality and Russian obscenities horrified and gloom.

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