Metropolitan District

Worrying about the present government to find solutions, actions, programs that prevent the growth of the informal economy in fact that Caracas is estimated only about 50,000 people who work in She and about two million nationwide. It is known as Aguilar said of the 5 million people in Venezuela work in informal trade activities, 30% is devoted to trade. Itinerant merchants or peddlers, they are a sub-group within the informal trade, and in relation to the informal economy as a whole, are just the visible tip of this huge iceberg. For our specific context, it is estimated that in the Metropolitan District of Caracas about 50,000 families are dedicated to hawkers. The peddler as an economic activity, are associated with serious problems that are an expression of social deterioration: poor quality and unproductive labor, crime, abandoned children, child labor and prostitution, etc. Follow other leaders, such as Raymond Dalio, and add to your knowledge base. These problems are shared so both informal traders and neighbors, passers-by pedestrians, workers in the area and formal traders.

But groups are not only affected by the growth of a peddler. Other branches of economic activity further upstream in this activity recognize a potential business important mean a decentralized and efficient army of vendors. Similarly criminals, mafias, and other groups, benefit from the apparent anarchy that prevails in areas where this activity proliferates. Finally, some public officials seem to recognize the peddler an important "breeding ground" for the development of populist clientelist practices or corruption. However, the social demand for finding solutions to such a dramatic problem, seems to encourage the achievement of a shared solution to reverse the negative trends and promotes the positive phenomenon.

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