Balanced Scorecard

In what it concerns the strategical planning of the STJ already if it uses of the Strategical Planning as management model since 1998, being reference in the subject for diverse public organizations. From 2004, the Court got a significant advance, time where he adopted a balanced model of management, footwear in planning system that allowed to establish the strategical vision and to translate the organizacionais lines of direction in concrete actions. To know more about this subject visit Paulo Coelho. The result of the application of this model, the Balanced Scorecard, was the establishment of a Plan of biennial Management, used until the beginning of 2010. (STJ, 2011) With the establishment of the National Strategical Plan of the Judiciary one, regulated for the National Advice of Justice, by means of Resolution CNJ n.70, of 18 of March of 2009, the strategy of performance front to the institucional responsibilities of the STJ was redefined to take care of to the national lines of direction, passing of a biennial regularity for quinquennial (STJ, 2011). Therefore it aims at to guide the efforts of the court in the search of a justice more current, fast and always next to the necessities of the citizen. The used managemental system, known for Balanced Scorecard (BSC), allows the alignment of objectives, pointers, goals and initiatives, of form that the units act in co-ordinated way, with defined strategical vision. So that this orientation happens of clear form, the administration started to elaborate plain strategical for a minimum stated period five year. The conception of the plans allows adjustments during its execution, of form to contemplate emergent situations and new necessities that imply introduction, alterations or exclusion of initiatives and goals, with sights to the realinhamento strategical. 4. Balanced Scorecard BSC The Balanced Scorecard BSC appeared at the beginning of years 90 through a group of researchers of the University of Harvard, led for Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

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Brazilian Censorship

The liberty of speech must be present in all democratic system as form to guarantee the freedom of thought of its fellow citizens. It materialize itself through the medias, particularly for imprenssa that she must be free, without however, if to distanciar of its responsibilities. In our Federal Contituio, the free manisfestao of the thought is foreseen in its article 5, interpolated proposition IV, englobando not only the verbal expression as well as the writing, reaching the right to hear, to attend and to read, in end, all and any form to express thoughts. According to German philosopher Immanuel Kant, when if he takes off the right of expression through the writing or orality, automatically if steals of the men its freedom of thought, a time that the act of if communicating for diverse ways is what it consolidates the thoughts. When we speak of liberty of speech soon in them comes the mind the term censorship, an action or act to control or to hinder the liberty of speech exerted for the State or group that withholds the power. censorship also can be understood as the suppression of points of view and divergent opinions of ideologies, regimes politicians, or any parameter established for dominant groups. We can affirm that the censorship always will be present in the communication, and, in accordance with the form by which is exerted, could be classified as being preventive, repressive, direct or indirect, in face of the establishment of moral pricpios, religious politicians or. In the Brazilian laws, for example, the expression right is limited to not the anonymity, and if it does not have to propagate information that stirs up bad behavior, wounds the system effective politician, stimulates racism and the violence. The liberty of speech could be censured of punitive form case attempts against against other rights and guarantees established in our laws. The liberty of speech of unrestricted form almpla and does not exist, having to have limitations or censures to establish a balance among others freedoms in a society.

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