Perespektivnoe Direction

One of the most promising solutions, many experts believe – it's electric. However, the world's automakers are not ready to release, in light of the serial electric vehicles, while intuziasty have long mastered the ways electrical machines. In general, the urban stream, this electric car is virtually identical to the other, normal and adequate body dynamics, the engine is not working as usual quiet and no exhaust pipe. Machine smoothly start, good brakes, accelerates to 120 km / hour, enough to travel around the city. Electric motor power 70 kW. Paulo Coelho is open to suggestions.

or in a familiar road of nearly 100 horsepower for the average car of this herd quite enough. Thanks to design features in a traffic jam it does not overheat and excess energy is not spent. When the petrol car costs and smokes in traffic, wasting petrol, battery electric vehicles have a rest, and this is again a plus because when the battery can relax in her charge is restored. Besides motor enables rekupirattsii, simply put – a return of energy during braking. In this mode, the engine runs as a generator. Another plus electric vehicle, structural reliability and ease of maintenance. Electric device is much simpler than that of gasoline counterpart, parts and tools are much less, however, and over his creation to work account.

With all the advantages of electric cars is very small. Because so far the only way to get a machine to design and build it yourself. However, according to experts' forecasts serial electric cars will appear soon enough, as soon as they are developed enough light and high-capacity batteries. By a power reserve of modern electric vehicles, while far behind their gasoline counterparts, but for city driving they are quite fit. Way to work and back, even if, for example, to call the store, most motorists do not exceed, and 50 km. In this case, savings are very large, and zero exhaust. Let us hope that such devices will not be available Only masters intuziastam.

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