The People

The curse of the fig tree was irrefutable proof of the inevitable sentence hung over the Jewish nation. Condemns the statement executed become, in 70 AD when Roman legions razed Jerusalem. Divine mercy does not exclude the justice required. & Nbs p; II. Spiritual leaders & n bsp; Were the priests and doctors of the law in Israel realize its allusion in this act of Christ? How aware are the religious ministers of the warning implies that this miracle for them? It is clear that Christ's ministry was largely a highly conflictual dimension, since its purpose was to show truth to the people in darkness, since its inception, the work of the Lord pointed out the stark reality of the moral and spiritual leaders. Calls to interpret and teach the spiritual truths acted as the great ignorant by not acknowledging that was the Truth and the Life (John 1:1, "To his own wine, and his own received him not" His knowledge of the true theology was apparent. Similarly, his consecration and Christian conduct was only appearance, the famous chapter 23 of Matthew is a manifesto "J'accuse" of Jesus to the religious leaders of all ages, especially at this time when religion is transformed by many through mass communication, a way of life and easy profit. This situation and announced the great apostle Peter in his Second Epistle Verse 2 Universal chapter. III. The People of Israel How does the fig tree in the village Hebrew at the time of Christ? What application has this story for the Christian people of today? As good teacher, the Lord takes the action that their environment offers to bring in the minds of his followers is an urgent and necessary reflection.

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