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For industrialized countries, this mode of immigration restriction constitutes a bomb. New Europeans contribute decisively to the maintenance of the welfare States, guaranteeing the future of a native population which ages and which decreases. Moreover, the combination of available jobs and closed borders is a direct invitation to irregular immigration, which makes millions of human beings in social and legal ghosts. The irregular ones represent the new face of poverty and exclusion in our societies, and the weakest chain that holds important underground economy bags. To be clear, there is not an automatic guarantee of an increase in immigration to generate well-being in countries of origin and in the host, but a more flexible and orderly migration management could generate for all unprecedented prosperity. The question is not how to better protect our borders; or even what could we do so that people are not forced to leave their countries of origin. The interesting thing is to identify migratory policies more conducive to those living in poverty, and how they can be acceptable and beneficial to the societies of the countries of destination. () It is imperative to contemplate an ambitious program of circular migration that includes incentives for the return, which encompasses the whole of the EU and not limited to doctors and engineers.

As he has pointed out the Global Commission on migration, these mechanisms provide an alternative which avoids draconian ends and which regulates migratory flows of more humane and effective way. In part, it’s change the focus with which all – progressives and Conservatives – have so far looked at this matter. But it also recalled how was Europe when we were willing to take to its commitments and the responsibility towards others. As He had to hear Churchill of his Minister of the Interior in that same meeting in 1954, accept impulses from the Prime Minister on immigration would betray a historic tradition of the United Kingdom, and that not only offend the Liberals, but also to the sentimental.

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