Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. – World-renowned pharmaceutical company, one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Company Teva was founded in the early 20 th century on the territory of modern Israel and until the mid 80-ies. promoting its products only in the domestic market. In 1985, Teva entered the U.S. market, then began working on strengthening its position in Europe. Now the company is Teva is a leader among manufacturers of generic drugs.

Drug-called generic drug, the duration of patent protection that has already ended. Accordingly, the generic is not the exclusive property of the pharmaceutical company that it developed or owned by the first license to sell it. Teva has the largest generic portfolio. Due to the generally recognized high quality of its products and the breadth of the proposed range of Teva became the largest provider of affordable, quality medicines in countries such as USA, Britain, Israel, Netherlands, etc. One of the most promising areas of the generic industry is developing and the production of biogenerics, or generic, obtained by biotechnological methods. In February 2008, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has given approval for the first biogenerics – they became drug created specialists Teva. Until then, no generic, obtained by biotechnology is not recognized in the European Union. In the near future, this product has received permission to distribute in the EU and will sold under the trade name TevGrastim (filgrastim). Generic direction, now constituting 75% of the Company's business – not the only area of Teva.

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